KeySwipe Cydia Tweak: The Easiest Way to Switch Keyboards on iPhone

KeySwipe iPhone Keyboard app: Change Your iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone Keyboard quickly.

KeySwipe Cydia tweak is ideal for those users who uses multiple keyboards while typing. Using this iPad and iPhone app uses can switch keyboard quickly. This can be done by tapping on Global icon which is located bottom of the screen cornet on your keyboard.

However, now it is more easier than ever to change between keyboard while using WhatsApp, Facebook any other chat application or while typing anything anywhere. Simply, install KeySwipe tweak and forget about hardness of changing keyboard by tapping on global icon again and again.

To change your keyboard, now after installing KeySwipe, you just need to swipe up or swipe down and keyboard would be changed! Bingo! Isn’t it easy? Yeah, man. It’s super easy. You can go to the next keyboard by swiping up or swipe down to choose previously used keyboard.

By default, there are several options available such as stock keyboard and wide range of Emoji. There are various charge of Emoji layout. You just need to swipe up and the layout of the charge would be change. The same thing can be done to use different keyboard using KeySwipe Keyboard Cydia tweak.

Suppose, you don’t like KeySwipe Cydia tweak, just move to Setting app and turn off the tweak. The next time when you wanna change your keyboard, just tap on that old Global icon and your keyboard would be changed. Simple is that?

Okay, once you installed this keyboard Cydia tweak, Keyswipe would install a setting pane under Setting app. It comes with only one setting, which is enable or disable. You can enable to use swipe feature to switch keyboard quickly otherwise there is another option which can disable KeySwipe iPhone keyboard app.

KeySwipe tweak is fully compatible with SwipeSelection. And it is the best keyboard switcher for Emoji. Can you trust that I never use Emoji. Why? Because it’s annoying to change your emoji again and again so hard. So, after installing KeySwipe app, I actually started to use Emoji dramatically. That’s awesome.


KeySwipe Cydia tweak is available on BigBoss repo which is almost number repo source. This iPhone keyboard tweak would cost you $0.99 which can be installed after purchasing.

Leave your comment, if you’ve any query about using KeySwipe…

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  1. Install Google Keyboard (GBoard for iPhone) and you’d forget KeySwipe tweak.

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