iOS – iOS Jailbreak: Luca is Close to Safari Browser Based Yalu11

Jailbreak iOS – 11.0.4 may be possible for iPhone 8 and iPhone X….

There’s some good news for jailbreak community. Italian jailbreak maker, Luca Todesco, Yalu creator has done a great job. He has discovered Safari based exploit that can be converted into working untethered jailbreak that would be performed using Safari browser directly from your iPhone X or iPhone 8.

Luca is already very famous and he has released multiple jailbreak for iOS 10 in the past. He is popular with Yalu jailbreak tool with the combination of Cydia with the help of Saurik. Recently, Luca has achieved Root access using Safari exploit.

To get Root access, Luca has to manage WebKit exploit. He tweaked with the iOS platform using WebKit exploit that may lead to untethered Safari based Jailbreak iOS or in the future for iOS

Meanwhile, it may take some time too if the developer wish to release jailbreak iOS 13.4.1 for iPhone X, because iPhone X may come with iOS 13.4.1, so basically, it would take another series of iOS update to release iOS 13.4.1 jailbreak.

Jump to: iOS is already out, whereas KeenLab, PanGu and Luca are still silent and there isn’t any update of releasing said jailbreak for iOS 13.4

You should know who is Todesco, if you’re not aware of this talented security researcher. Full name of this developer is, Luca Todesco and he is also known as Italian hacker. Luca is active in jailbreaking since almost one and half years. He released public jailbreak multiple times for iOS 10. His jailbreak tools are known as Yalu. Now he is making him active in jailbreak 11. Fortunately, Luca managed to achieve WebKit exploit that can be used to develop iOS 13.4 jailbreak in the future.

However, you shouldn’t be so excited because its not 100% work done and jailbreak iOS 13.4 ready at this stage. Luca has to work hard and he must use some other exploits in order to make safari based jailbreak either for iOS, 11.0.3 or iOS He may take time to release jailbreak for iOS 13.4.1 to give support for iPhone X as I mentioned above.

Meanwhile, Luca had announced on Twitter that he won’t work on public jailbreak in the past, so its also creating confusion whether he would release public jailbreak or would prefer to sell those exploits and jailbreak to Apple or some private sellers.

Currently, its not possible to say or answer above question because there are bunch of bug bounty programs out there. The most programs are offered by Apple. In reward, Apple recruit the applier a job at Apple.


iOS iOS may get a quick fix via iOS Apple made a big mistake releasing iOS without any deep testing as it creates more problems than fixing old one.

iOS Apple has planned to add few new features to iOS The initial releases were focusing on bug fixes. Now, iOS can be release with new features and performance enhancements.

While in other reward, Apple gives a huge money. So, its really very important to see whether Luca releases safari based iOS 13.4 jailbreak publicly for free or choose the way to earn some money.

What you say?


  1. Thank God, in my case iPhone 6 can reach on fourth day after a full single recharge of battery. This is the proof that battery doesn’t creating any issues with iOS

    As far as iOS is concern, I’d upgrade iOS from currently IOS 11.0.3 software update. Yeah, I’m also waiting for iOS jailbreak.

  2. iOS is really such if I talk about battery life. I’m really getting worst battery time since iOS update. Please suggest a way. I won’t upgrade to iOS
    Yeah, would see if iOS 13.4.1 is worth upgrading.

    1. Same here! IOS 11.0.3 battery drains too much fast. Within a minute of browsing I lost almost 2 percent of battery. I’m really disturb after upgrading this firmware.
      I’m seriously waiting for iOS and jailbreak for it. At least some tweaks make iOS more stable.
      iOS 13.4.1 is something that I won’t go on to because there is rare chance of jailbreak iOS 13.4.1 in that case for now.

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