Jailbreak iOS 11: Should You Expect iOS 11.0.3 JBreak

iOS 11 Jailbreak for iPhone 8 and for other devices…

iPhone 8 Plus is really rocking. It crashes all the competition between it’s rival in terms of bench mark score. However, iOS 11 has put some dispute. Some bugs and glitch have been found in this initial firmware update.

Apple took almost 10 beta updates before releasing iOS 11 and even after so much beta updates, iOS 11 still has some software glitch which is really creating some doubts to the company. There are some big performance issues have been found in battery usage. iOS 11 battery is draining so quickly.

It seems like iPhone maker was afraid of jailbreak 11 and thus they made a glitch so that when jb team releases iOS 11 jailbreak, we would update the software to iOS 11.0.3 and then iOS 11.0.4 by saying that the software has battery, WiFi and iMessage not working issues. Users won’t have any option rather than update to iOS 11.0.3 or even iOS 11.0.4 then. So smart!

Smartly, Apple replaced iOS 11 to iOS 11.0.3 by saying iOS 11 has some battery draining issues and users are advised to update their iPhone 8 via OTA update. Now, you’d search how to install iOS 11.0.3 and so on and you’d update. In short, you can’t hold on to jailbreak iOS 11.0.3 or iOS 11.0.4 at all.

Anyway, one week has been passed and we’ve updated our iPhone two times – iOS 11 & iOS 11.0.3. Since the release, we all are patiently waiting for PanGu iOS 11 jailbreak. Still there isn’t any update from K33n aka KeenLab developers.

According to past leaks and reports, these developers have working exploits that are responsible to jailbreak iOS 11. But, we don’t know that they’re capable to jailbreak iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.0.4 or not. At least the team should release jailbreak 11.0.3 for now.

Some Jailbreak 11 updates

iOS 11: With the iPhone 8, Apple pushed most awaiting, sexy and refreshed iOS 11 to the public after a bunch of beta testings. Users are now able to update their iPhone who has older models and iPhone 8 would be shipped with iOS 11 as pre installed.

iOS 11.0.1:  According to iOS 11.0.1 key notes, the initial version has bugs in battery life, WiFi and iOS 11 iMessage not working due to network issues. Users are advised to update to iOS 11.0.1 asap.

Yalu iOS 11.0.1 Jailbreak: Good news, Luca has discovered a WebKit exploit and it is being said that he can convert it to Safari based untethered jailbreak iOS 11.0.1.

iOS 11.0.2: iPhone 8 having some issues running on iOS 11.0.1 specially those calling noise issues. It is being said that iOS 11.0.2 would gonna replace iOS 11.0.1 soon. IOS 11.0.2 would be as usual OTA software update.

iOS 11.0.2: iOS 11.0.1 is getting more and more negative feedback. It seems like Apple would release iOS 11.0.2 before the time of actual release. I hope this time, Apple would take care before releasing iOS11.0.2.

iOS 11.0.3: We’re getting some hits from developers that some new features are being added to iOS 11.0.3. Since iOS 11.0.3 is not released yet, we can test them right now.

iOS 11.1 Beta 1: Finally, the first step is taken by Apple for iPhone X. iOS 11.1 is the firmware that you would get with iPhone X. Apple want to prepare this firmware for it. The first beta of iOS 11.1 has been out now.

iOS 11.1 Beta 2: Second beta of iOS 11.1 has been out now and it has some new features as well. New animated emoji is coming with iOS 11.1 for iPhone X.

Finally, if you’ve upgraded your iPhone to iOS 11 and willing to jailbreak, you’re advised to keep watch on updates. Plus, don’t upgrade your iPhone so quickly as developers can release jailbreak 11 any time.

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  1. Puja says:

    That’s great deal. If there would be jailbreak, I’d be first to install it on iOS 11.0.3

  2. Peter says:

    Thank God, I’m on iPhone 4S. I can restore to any firmware that I want or jailbreak whatever firmware I want.

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      At the same time, you’re missing bunch of new features and specs from iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, do you know that?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You mean there is something happening in the camp of iOS 11.0.1 jailbreak teams? If you’re true that we can expect one for iOS 11.0.1 right?

    • Powell says:

      I thought so. But, why PanGu is not releasing their tool if they’ve one for iOS 11.0.1 now?
      I mean they should release it for iOS 11.0.1. As 11.0.1 is better than the first firmware update which was released with iPhone 8!

  4. Payal says:

    I need iOS 11.0.4 jailbreak
    please mail me @ payal87@gmail.com

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there really iOS 11.0.3 jailbreak available? How to install it on iOS 11.0.3???

  6. Zukerman says:

    Oh, this is so confusing. I was waiting for iOS 11.0.3 to install jailbreak 11.0.3, and now there isn’t any update from jb teams. You’re saying that we may wait until iOS 11.0.4 or iOS 11.1!

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