iTweak VIP Store: The Best Tweaks Without Jailbreak iPhone, iPad

iTweakVIP app offers tweaks, games and apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad without jailbreak them. It looks amazing. Without Cydia, you can install your favorite tweaks, isn’t it cool? Let’s find out.

At the present, you know that Cydia tweaks and major jailbreak apps can’t be download or install without actually doing untethered or tether jailbreak iPhone, right? iTweak developers are claiming that one can download and inject an app directly on your iPhone without jailbreak.

Before jumping into the installation part, you should understand the process of normal app installation.

Normally, when you want install any app on iPhone or iPad, you must use either iTunes or app store provided by Apple. There’s no other way to download or install apps on iOS. Currently, TweakBox, Tutuapp and other such app stores allow installation without jailbreak. However, they’ve limited apps and the working possibility is also low.

In this period, website claims that they’ve the iOS structure to inject any tweak, app or game mode directly into your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. We’ve seen this on their website. It is my own view and preference that I never install apps or tweaks such way. There isn’t any tutorial or screenshot how this process is done.


I request to the iTweak website owner that upload a tutorial of working process. Just upload or post a video of installing at least one app or tweak on iPhone or iPad.

iTweak.Vip Apps

Below is the screenshot that shows how many apps and tweaks offered by iTweak app. You can see that there are many popular apps listed there.

iTweak Apps

Cydia Jailbreak

You can see that iTweak has listed Cydia iOS 13 jailbreak app on their app store. It sounds cool, n? Actually, it offered by iSnow Team which is not official jailbreak team, as far as I know.

Anyway at least, offers a jailbreak iOS 13 solution at the moment.


iTweak has also listed Pandora++ that is developed and made available by team itself. Pandora is also a wonderful app that could be installed after jailbreak. If iPhone users can download it without Cydia, it would be great.


Box Loca is popular iOS app that streams movies on the go. An official app is listed under Apple app store too. iTweak team has also uploaded the app on their app store.

I would suggest that if you want to download BoxLoca iOS app, you should look on your built in app store first. I’m sure, you’ll find it from there.


Do you know what the most users do on search engine these days? They mostly try to find out the modded version of TikTok, a social media platform.

TikTok is a popular social media app that streams short video on iOS and Android smartphone. And, TikTok++ adds more fun into that. iTweak vip app store also has this app on their app store.


One more premium app is listed under iTweak app store. Deezer++ unlocks premium feature of stock Deezer app. One can download this app directly from app store.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher iOS not working? Here is the working solution for you. iTweak store has uploaded their own variant of the app specially for iPhone and iPad.

The app is finally on the floor of vip store for free. Take a detailed look at their website now.


I was shocked to see that Local iAP Store is also listed on their app store. This is the most requested app on our blog too. You can see that we’ve covered several article on that. One of our article shows that how to fix Localiapstore not working issue.

If you want further details about, you can comment below.

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