Download iTransmission iOS 11.1.2: The Best iPhone Downloader for iPad Without Jailbreak

How to Install iTransmission 5 without jailbreak on iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

We’ve some great news for the users who don’t have jailbroken iOS device or the device that run on Android platform. iTransmission Android version along with iOS version is out which can be installed without jailbreak or root your device.

Yeah, if we talk about iPad Pro, iPhone and iPod Touch newer devices that run on iOS 11.1.2 are capable to download files using iTransmission without jailbreak your device.

s download were never so easy in the past and there was only Bit app on Cydia that could download s on the go after jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, but recently, released iTransmission iOS 11.1.2 app can be installed with Cydia or without jailbreak on your iPad or iPhone easily.

Now, the iOS 11.1.2 users can download files from the best Sites or from any website easily using this iPhone downloader client named iTransmission 5.

After updating to iOS 11.1.2, there is no issue of “iTransmission not working” at all. So, don’t worry that you don’t have jailbroken iPhone or iPad. This iPhone app can be used with or without jailbreak firmware. You just need iTransmission app for iPhone or iPad and that’s it.

Popular downloader, u was unsuccessful to get Apple’s approval for the Apple AppStore and that was the major issue of downloading files using your iPhone or iPad on the go. There is separate version of u for PC and Mac, but iPhone version is not available. iTransmission is only the way to come back into the game.

Meanwhile, iTransmission for iPhone released for iOS 11.1.2 with the updated features that allows iPad and iPhone users to download files without any issue with no jailbreak case. This downloader have the same features that available on u for Mac or PC.

The users who have updated their iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Mini or iPod Touch devices to the latest Apple’s firmware iOS 11.1.2, can able to install iTransmission without jailbreak.

Please note: If you’ve jailbroken firmware, you can easily download iTransmission 5 and install it using Cydia by more successive method. So, it’s recommended to use official Cydia installer to install iTransmission iOS 11.1.2.

iTransmission download without Jailbreak Now Supports iPad Pro, iPhone

For iOS 9.1 users: The users who have iOS 9.1 or later firmware can download iTransmission using PanGu jailbreak tool after installing Cydia on their iPhone. Or there is another way to get Cydia installer without jailbreaking is OpenAppMkt and iNoCydia.

There is another way to get iTransmission installed on your iPad or iPhone without jailbreak and it’s using iEmulators.

Follow below steps…

  1. You need to run your default browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPhone. Safari is recommended.
  2. You need to turn your head to from where you can download iTransmission iPhone client.
  3. Open the page and scroll down the page and find out the app.
  4. Download and install iTransmission from iEmulators.
  5. Reboot your device.


Keep patience for a minute and head to springboard to open iTransmission client for iPhone. Now, start downloading files on iPhone or whatever device you’ve.

If you still have any issue, leave a comment below…

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  1. Cain says:

    Doesn’t work on iOS 10.3.


  2. Pranav dave says:

    Can you teach a proper method to install itransmission 5 for ios 11.1.2 because i got error that app couldnt be downloaded

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi i am running ios 11.1.2 and it says itransmission cannot be downloaded?

  4. RaVeN says:

    Hey I have iPhone 5 iOS 11.1.2 and I transmission can’t be downloaded????plz help me

  5. Wes says:

    This is all bs the only way you can put transmission on an iOS devise that isn’t jailbroken is to use Xcode and app signer. Check out youtube

  6. Zhadum says:

    I’m on 11.1.2 and i can’t get itransmisson installed, not from Mojo and not from iOSEMus. Can someone help me?

  7. Prashanth says:

    I updated to iOS 11.1.2 but it still doesn’t get installed
    It gives a pop up notification that the app cannot be installed at this time.

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      This app needs regular update and without updates, it won’t start. You need to Update iTransmission iOS 11.1.2 or any stable version.
      If you’re facing difficulties, you can comments or reply to me.

    • Gabriel Anaya says:

      Can you tell me how you downloaded iOS 11.1.2? I think you wanna talk about iOS 11.1.2 right? Okay. Look, iTransmission is the app which can be installed very easily if you’d try Mojo Installer.
      You can try iOSEMus too if Mojo doesnt work.

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