iPhone X Jailbreak: Download Cydia iOS 11 on iPhone 8

iPhone X is released by Apple and now users are looking to jailbreak iPhone X and install Cydia on this new device…

Since iOS 11 was released first time as beta update, jailbreak 11.0.1 was the talk of the town. Almost all jb users are looking to install Cydia on their new device as its long time after last jbreak released.

We’ve notice quite nice updates recently to the iOS 11.0.1 on beta updates and few for older firmware for older devices. As far as iPhone 8 Jailbreak is concerned developers are looking compatibility issues with iPhone X, a new flagship device released by Apple this week.

iOS 11.0.1 has been released with the new device, iPhone X. Now we’re free to try those apps which can offer full liberty to our device such as Cydia and Jailbreak. But, before getting hands into that, you should know the current situations and whole drama of cat and mouse game.

How to Jailbreak iPhone X Using PanGu

If you’re aware of PanGu who is famous for its releases, they successfully demonstrated one of the most requested jb recently. Team PanGu does jailbreak iOS 10.3.1, however, they didn’t say anything about the release.

What does this mean? Actually, PanGu knows that when Apple would release iOS 11.0.1, 85% jailbreak users would move to iOS 11.0.1. Now suppose they release their exploits for now, there won’t be any long term benefit to the community.

We should note this that PanGu has hinted that they would try their hands on new firmware, it means iOS 11.0.1. Suppose, they’d be success getting jailbreak 11.0.1 and Cydia, they’d see whether iOS 11.0.1 is stable or not, otherwise PanGu would wait for another stable release such as iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2.

Simply, you have to wait a long if you’re hoping to install Cydia iOS 11 into your iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

What About KeenLab iOS 11.0.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 8?

This is popular Chinese team of developers that is known as KeenLab. Good news is, now we’ve KeenLab, they’ve some exploits responsible for iOS 11.0.1 jailbreak.

If you’ve new iPhone X or i8 device, you should keep watch on this team for breaking news. iOS 11 beta 2 was jailbreakable using their exploits. For now, KeenLab has outperformed PanGu because they’ve more advanced exploits than PanGu iOS 10.3.1.

Suppose, there is KeenLab Jailbreak for iOS 11.0.1, would you install Cydia on iPhone 8?


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