2017 iPhone X Clone @90$, Features, Shipping Price

iPhone X Clone 2017…

In a previous report, we’ve already published some quick tips on purchasing iPhone 8 Clone in that article we’ve also advised to stay aware from these clone Apple devices that causes error and zero productivity.

Yesterday, Apple announced three brand new devices to the iPhone lineup where now we’ve iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus with brand new look and specs. They all comes in decent pack of features and iOS software.

Note: Don’t forget to watch iPhone X Clone 1:1 Video¬†

To have iPhone became status symbol so that thousands even millions of Apple users purchase new iPhone every year. In other hand, there is huge number of users who don’t have money to purchase such expensive smartphone in the first place. However, they’re also not behind. Such users purchase clone device and showoff their smartphone to others.

Design looks same as original so its very difficult to confirm whether it is clone or original. And since, iPhone X clone comes in $90 whereas original can be purchased from $999 that is starting price for 64GB variant. Thus, there is huge difference in the price that let users to purchase iPhone X clone rather than original one.

Now when everybody talking about this new Apple device, there are huge number of users out there who are waiting for a perfect 1:1 iPhone X Clone at cheap price.

If you live in China, you’ve noticed number of different models and variant of iPhone X Clone at $90 whereas other country may need to pay shipping charges in order to ship to their countries. But, shipping to India or USA or even Canada can be free, if you choose standard shipping method.

To be true, iPhone X Clone is more sexy than iPhone 8 Goophone. Yeah in other words many users call it iPhone X Goophone too. Again, you should understand one thing that these Goophone are full of bugs, security loopholes and scrap technology in terms of quality and trust.

Face ID is also a matter of concern whether these Goophone developers can add Face ID or Face detection feature or not. However, in such price, you can end up with sexy iPhone X Clone in the first place.

As far as price is concern, I’ve already mentioned that various sellers at DHGate and other Chinese online websites put iPhone X Clone at cheap rate. Shipping cost can be depend on you whether you choose standard free shipping or DHL or even FedEx which are premium shipping method.

The delivery time can be different in each of these shipping method. Standard shipping method can ship iPhone X clone within 45 days whereas DHL or FedEx can ship iPhone X within 7 days. In some cases, they delivers in USA, UK or Canada and even in India within 2 days.

But before purchasing such clone or goophone, please comment and confirm the trust point and quality check. You may take wrong decision at your own.

Note: I purchase Goophone, just because of demo, testing and information purpose and found them very low quality and full of bugs where mostly our SIM doesn’t work. You shouldn’t login your Google account too because of security.


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