iOS 11.1.2 Battery Life, Apps, Tweaks to Increase for iPhone, iPad

How to increase iPhone 7 Battery Time…

Having iPhone 7 Plus or regular 4.7″ device, you may feel low life even if your device have 2900 Mah battery capacity. The biggest issue is with iOS 11.1.2 in which there are couple of hidden settings which need to be turned off to boost battery life of your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.1.2.

Since Apple released iOS 11.1.2, we’re getting frequent complaints about iOS 11.1.2 battery time specially running on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S series. The reason is low battery capacity. These devices have hardly 50% less battery capacity comparing to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Plus, iOS 11.1.2 itself is heaviest firmware update for Apple devices. It’s like tractor on village streets for iPhone 5S and older devices. The same condition is happening for iPad and iPod Touch too.

After disabling couple of iPhone features, you may feel last longer battery life. I’ve seen half day more battery life for moderate device which is quite better comparing to the device with all the features enabled such as location services, background app refresh feature and more.

So, let’s start disabling couple of those apps and tweaks plus features which consume a lot of battery life running iOS 11.1.2…

1. Use Battery Tweaks and kill other heavy apps

Before making any decision to close apps that consume battery life, rectifying the correct iPhone apps, is essential. To check these apps, you need to visit settings app where you’d found battery details. This page would list up all the apps that consume battery life.

Turn of all the apps that eat big part of your iPhone battery life. If possible delete those apps from iOS 11.1.2 if you don’t use those apps. Example, if you’ve found Amazon app or any other social media apps that consume noticeable amount of battery life, you can access them via default browser and delete those annoying apps from your iPhone completely.

2. Disable Location Services

Location service consume biggest part of your battery capacity so if you don’t use those apps that use Location service, disable location service and enable it once you need it right away.

This way, you can increase battery time. If you’ve older device, you should not enable Location services anytime specially when you don’t use those apps that need Location services.

This feature can be disable via Settings app easily. You can enable Location Service anytime later.

3. Background App Refresh

The last but very important setting is, Background app refresh feature. You’d notice instant battery life improvements after disabling Background app refresh on your iPhone.

Bonus tips

Enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone if you want to see great battery life time improvement. If you use your iPhone at night most, enable Night Mode also on your iPhone.

These settings and features can seriously increase battery life on your device whether it’s iPhone or any Android device.

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  1. Joseph Coleman says:

    Can anybody confirm whether the battery time issue is fixed in iOS 11.1.2 update or not? I’ve checked iOS 11.1.2 battery draining tests and I can confirm that there is still some glitch available on that firmware which eats lot of iPhone battery life.

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