iPhone 8 Shipping Starts September 12, 2017

iPhone X aka iPhone 8 ship date…

This September 12, may be a date when Apple may announce iPhone 8. Since last six month various reports are coming regarding iPhone8 release and shipping date, however, experts are still in confusion whether 12 September, 2017 would be the final date for releasing new Apple device or not.

The latest report came from TechCrunch that reveals iPhone 8 would be available for launch after 7S release. In clear words, iPhone 8 release date would be after 7S release.

This way, its now clear that the new iPhone 8 shipping would be schedule just after iPhone 7S shipping. According to the report, Apple may announce iPhone 8 soon after iPhone 7S launch and respectively shipping date would be schedule.

Since new device name is still in confusion, no body can predict confirm shipping date for upcoming Apple device, however, iPhone 8 ship date would be in the first week of October, 2017.

2017 Apple Device Lineup

Apple may announce wide range of products this September. Whereas few sure shot products are as under:

  • iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone Special Edition
  • iPhone 7S, 7S Plus
  • iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 6SE or 7SE or even iPhone 8SE.

Very soon everything would be clear, but don’t forget to tell us which device you’re planning to buy? Share your thoughts, planning in the comments section below.

Source: https://www.macrumors.com/2017/09/07/oled-iphone-8-shipping-delayed/


  1. Madhusoodanantv says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    When is iPhone 8 coming in 2017?

  3. Nasir Shaikh says:

    Reports suggesting iPhone 8 ship date in October or November or even December in India and other countries. So, you shouldn’t expect any early release or shipping date from the current date. And since, India is concern, it always getting late shipping date comparing to US or UK or Canada.

  4. Robin says:

    If you’re avoiding iPhone 8 because of price, then be sure that 7S would also get $800 price tag. You have atleast option of i7S for low price to stay updated with latest technology. And since, Samsung Galaxy 8 is always available for cheap price comparing to Apple phones.

    • Dojoman says:

      You won’t get iPhone 8 before October 8, 2017 and price would be nearly $200 more than i7S price for i8. If I’m right, iPhone X or special edition 2017 would be close to $1000. I’m sure Apple would try its best to keep price lower than $1000 in the first place.

  5. iTuna says:

    Personally, I’m not waiting for 7S at all. Why I pay a huge amount for the same specs that I’m getting with i7? Rather than, I’d go for new iPhone 8 release. I don’t care when its available for ship, but I care the price in the first place.
    However, I can pay easily upto $1000 for an iPhone8.

    • OllyW says:

      Don’t wait for iPhone8 shipping because you don’t able to buy it as its really expensive and you can’t afford it. Rather than, you should look at i7 price because after i8, the price of i7 would be far lesser than currently available in the market.

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