2017 iPhone 8 Clone: Price, Features, Review

New iPhone 8 Clone features, price and honest review…

iPhone8 aka the next iPhone X is hot of the heals. Everybody is talking about it so it was obviously that any Chinese company would make a clone for the upcoming Apple phone to get a first chance for hitting a heavy craze.

You may found a bunch of iPhone 8 clones and they’re very common specially in China. Most of these clones come from Chinese market. Two versions are available right now for the upcoming phones are iPhone 8 Plus Clone and a regular iPhone 8 Clone.

Before starting a report on it, its my honest point of view that any clone iPhone or any clone phone are just a piece of scrap. If you wanna use it, don’t purchase or buy any clone iPhone ever. You’d be end with empty hands. You’d lose your value able money with useless iPhone clone.

Anyway, below are the first images of iPhone 8 clone that clearly show how iPhone 8 looks like. We can clearly notice rear Touch ID sensor. It clearly indicates that Chinese thinks that Apple would move front Touch ID button to rear side.

These iPhone 8 clone images also indicate some camera changes including redesigned look. According to recent leaks, the new iPhone 8 is not going to look like this.

As we already know that Apple is gonna redesign front interface that would feature on Touch ID without any physical Home button. A slim bezels would feature front side.

This iPhone 8 clone features a vertical camera with dual lens and a Apple logo. Chinese company has smartly positioned a Touch ID sensor below Apple logo and a whole chassis is made with aluminum.

As you know, Apple is silently making an iPhone 8 with zero bezels and a one screen Touch ID, however, various reports also indicate a rear Touch ID sensor.

iPhone 8 Clone

iPhone 8 Clone Availability, Price in UK, USA and Canada

These clone phone run on Android platform with custom iOS user interface. If you’re thinking that you’re getting true iOS 11 Pre installed with iPhone8 clone, then you’d lose your mind when you receive your order.

We’ve already discussed all the topics about design in this report earlier so we should move to price and availability.

Look, one can easily buy iPhone 8 clone from China via any Chinese website online. I won’t give you any website name here because I don’t want that you lose your valuable money behind any clone phones.

I’ve person experience of such clone phones so I won’t recommend any user to order or buy iPhone 8 clone from China or via online websites.

Any user from USA, UK or Canada or even India can order iPhone 8 Clone online via various online websites with cheap rates.

Normally, iPhone clone would cost you from $50 to $300 including shipping fee. A free shipping would end up with 30 or more days and there won’t be any insurance over your order.

Please confirm any order here via comment section before any possible purchase and I would personally guide you regarding the iPhone 8 Goophone and many more regarding it. Just comment below…


  1. Victor says:

    Does the original earphones with the charger mouth for the original iPhone 8 work for the clones?

  2. Ravi Kumar says:

    I have a mobile shop in Delhi . You give me a 1 phone iPhone 8 clone . What’s a price ?

    Contact @ 9211939426


    Iphone X clone i want to buy

  4. Siddharth says:

    I have a mobile shop in Delhi . You give me a 1 phone iPhone 8 clone . What’s a price ?

  5. Aryan says:

    Can I get one for testing as I am wanting to get a new I phone so I wanted one clone so that I can completely go through it

  6. Itsyaboikylendnjdjejdjndnsnjs says:

    .can u send me on if they have no value

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      Users buy it for testing or showcasing their new iPhone, that doesn’t mean that it has any value. You won’t get any feature. Resale value is 0.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Which is the best Wed site to order the clone iPhone 8

  8. […] best way to purchase any iPhone 8 clone, you should check the demonstration video from different users, so that you’d get the best […]

  9. Ouaad ribkledba says:

    I am 11 years old and I want to buy a GOOD CHEAP phone
    Like this one!!!!
    but i cant find any website that could sell this phone
    i think we should be from china to buy that 🙂
    can I have HELP
    there is another problem I am from the US but I am now in another country
    can i get it shipped
    Thank You !

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      Please keep few things in your mind friend.

      In this article, author was trying to say something about clone phone and not the original one. If you wanna purchase new iPhone 8 2017 model then you must wait for the release. The genuine Apple i8 would be best for you, but it would require you to invest a huge amount.

      In other hand, if you’re thinking to buy iPhone 8 clone, then please think again because these clone phones don’t have any value and full of bugs. They run on Android that can be hacked or cracked, so I’d recommend all users to stay away from iPhone8 clone until you know it completely.


  10. Grad Enslen says:

    I need to buy an IPhone 8 Clone

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      You need to look out DHGate or similar website to buy iPhone 8 clone I think. I had purchased a clone from that website successfully in the past.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Trying to buy one if possible

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      Clone phones are not good for regular usage. You can’t trust them because they’ve all the customized skins, software and all of those things. I can’t advice, but you can check at DHgate for iPhone 8 guphone 8

  12. nobi says:

    how to buy

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