iPhone 8 2017 Brings Touch ID for Entire Screen, a New Feature

2017 iPhone 8 Plus and regular 4.7″ device is coming…

The great device deserves great features and Apple knows it better. Thus, the company is bringing couple of exciting features and hardware performances to iPhone 8 2017 release.

Yeah, we’re getting a lot reports and confirmation about the changes of new iPhone 8 which is gonna release at September, 2017 next year. However, the S series is also expected the next year such as iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 7SE of course. We’d cover each of them in upcoming cover page of our blog exclusively.

At times, you think only about iPhone 2017 that which new features are gonna come out with the next generation of Apple device. How Apple would design 2017 or 2018 iPhone models? And, these questions are really interesting because Apple always surprises us with their changes and innovation.

Recently released report suggests, 2017 iPhone 8 is gonna support full screen fingerprint recognize feature. It means you can unlock your device with just a one touch to any area of your device screen. The new feature would be available exclusively on iPhone 8 2017.

The next feature and most requested improvement which is expected in next new iPhone 8 is quick charging support. You can see quick charging support in $200 smartphone these days and to kill the competition, Apple is bringing fast charging support to iPhone 8 2017 model exclusively.

If you think Apple may add new features to new device, comment and express your expectations…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    2018 iPhone 8!!! Interesting

  2. Lucy Collett says:

    When is iPhone 8 coming in 2017? Can you post some pictures of new phone?

    • Ronald says:

      I guess iPhone 8 2018 would be best title because it wont fall in 2017 at all. The next big release would be iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus.

  3. Peter Hamilton says:

    It would take a year or two because Apple recently released i7 and i7 Plus. Most probably, the next upcoming update would be iPhone 7s, i7 Plus or iPhone 7SE

  4. Gulliver mod says:

    I’m very excited with this change and specially that quick charge to 2017 new iphon8

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