iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus Release Confusion with New iPhone 8 2017

The next biggest update may be iPhone 8 rather than iPhone 7S or iPhone 7S Plus in upcoming year, 2017…

At the time of every new iPhone release, it’s trend to discus about next big update and this happened at the time of iPhone 7 release where every body were discussing about iPhone 8 2017.

This is obvious because the budget users would think about new design, features and technology. Right now, the users and even technology experts are calling iPhone 8 rather than iPhone 7S which is coming next year in 2017.

After digging into history and past, we have seen that Apple is using “S” Since the start then how Apple can jump directly into iPhone 8 skipping 7S and 7S Plus!!! Is Apple really gonna ditch “iPhone 7S 2017” model and release iPhone 8 2017?

I know there are bunch of doubts and questions are rising in your mind. Let me clear them. With 2017, Apple is gonna celebrate 10th anniversary where this iPad maker company can bang with new iPhone 8 2017.

Furthermore, you’d be surprise that Apple is gonna adopting OLED display which is known as iPhone 8 OLED or Super AMOLED iPhone 8. Plus, when experts calling the next device update, they are using directly iPhone 8 where they’re skipping 7S completely.

As you can see current design is older one which was introduced with iPhone 6 and Apple want to show their smartness with brand new design with iPhone 8 iOS 11 next year.

Would you purchase new iPhone 8 2017?


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