iOS 10.2 Jailbreak 10.2: By TaiG, PP Jailbreak, EvasiOn or PanGu9

iOS 10.2 Jailbreak 10.2: By TaiG, PP Jailbreak, EvasiOn or PanGu9

If you were waiting for jailbreak iOS 10.2 during MSS event, it would have great disappointment for you. TaiG held whole event and the there was no jailbreak for iOS 10.2.

All top jailbreak developers have took part in the event and spoke their speech related to jailbreak. TaiG and other members have discussed about past, present and future of the jailbreak.

Due to the huge reports on iOS 10.2 jailbreak, TaiG has to announce and appeal jailbreak users that don’t give attention to the rumors. TaiG would release jailbreak, if there is one. Most probably, TaiG would release iOS 10.2 jailbreak untethered too this summer.

Why TaiG may release Jailbreak 10.2 rather than iOS 10.2 jailbreak?

As per the TaiG report on iOS 10.2 jailbreak, team is waiting for iOS 10.2 official release. They’re confident that the final version that Apple is gonna release would be jailbreakable. As per their expectation, the next untethered jailbreak would be Jailbreak iOS 10.2 and not iOS 10.2.

The team is also hopeful to jailbreak Apple Watch whose report was published just couple of days ago. They’d see, if there is any change to jailbreak Apple Watch.

Currently, the jailbreak 10.2 would work on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 and iPhone 4S along with couple of recent models of iPad that includes iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

PanGu9 or PanGu iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

There is very rare chances that PanGu would release next jailbreak 10.2. They don’t have any preparation for any jailbreak tool right now. However, as they’ve criticize other jailbreak teams for iOS 7.1 jailbreak tool, they’re also looking confident and even over confident.

Now, if PanGu9 team releases iOS 10.2 jailbreak, there would be two untethered jailbreak 10.2 at the same time. None of the team would wait for further release of iOS 10.2, because of the possibility of Apple would patch their exploits.

What About PP Jailbreak iOS 10.2

They are co-operation with TaiG team, the same jailbreak tool was released by PP Jailbreak team for iOS 10.2 for Mac OS X. So, we think that PP Jailbreak team would wait for final release by TaiG or PanGu and then they would come in the lime light.

What do you think? Do you wait for upcoming jailbreak iOS 10.2 or upgrade to iOS 10.2 or iOS 10.2?


  1. Zachary Vaughan says:

    Where is jailbreak iOS 10.2

    • Gabriel Anaya says:

      iOS 10.2 jailbreak isn’t released yet. Don’t worry and wait for next firmware release.As soon as firmware released, the developers and security researcher would update jailbreak 10.2 tool then.

  2. Samuel Lucas says:

    I’ve doubt on PanGu, Taig and pp jailbreak. All these jailbreak developers take some cut for releasing their exploits. Without this cut, they won’t release any jailbreak!

    • Sheldon Mc says:

      You’re absolutely correct. PanGu, PP jailbreak and TaiG all are chinese developers, they get sponsorship from chinese app stores such as 25PP and 3K assistants. When none of these sponsors offer cut, they won’t release jailbreak 10.2. Suppose, they get their cut, they would release jailbreak iOS 10.2 instantly.

    • Nick Carter says:

      They may have earn something behalf of iOS 10.2 jailbreak and they deserve it anyway
      you shouldn’t tell anything about them as you’re not paying anything and they don’t gonna charge anything from you. TaiG is free. PanGu iOS 8.1 was free. PP Jailbreak is also available as free.

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