iOS 13.5 Jailbreak: iPhone X Jailbreak (SiN) Released!

Jailbreak iOS 13.5 for iPhone X has been released…

Wow, what a great moment. I was waiting since a year for stable jailbreak solution for my iPhone and since its double bonus for me that once I purchased new iPhone X and upgraded to iOS 13.5, jailbreak 13.5 is out. These are few words that I told myself.

But, in the next moment, someone disturb me and the dream was broken. OMG! That was dream! What a bad luck. But thanks to God that I got a dream about a working and full iOS 13.5 jailbreak at least in a dream.

To be true, I wanted to continue that dream at least till I would install Cydia and my favorite tweaks such as HideMeX iOS 13.5, Springtomize iOS 13.5, LocaliAPStore iOS 13.5, iAPFree iOS 13.5 and many other on my new iPhone X jailbreak.

Surprisingly, I got the day with great positive energy after many days. The reason may be that jailbreak iOS 13.5, because the day before yesterday, I read the article about iOS 13.5 on iPhone X that was released.

Anyways, I’m happy and decided to share this dream with all of you. I was really enjoying that jailbreak 13.5 in that dream and I wish that you all get that dream at least to Tim Cook that allow jailbreak to people who really want that. Hey, I’ve purchased iPhone X ($1000) and I’ve right to do anything with it that I want so why you stop me?

OMG! What I’m saying. Sorry, but I’m really frustrate since couple of days without jailbreak. I got new iPhone X and I was really missing all of those Cydia Tweaks to test with iOS 13.5 jailbreak in a combination of iPhone X.

I hope that someone from USA or UK or anywhere from the world (China) became iOS developer and start releasing public jailbreak for iPhone. I don’t want free, I can donate for that.

Hey guys, don’t forget to share you thoughts and please share the thing, are you also dreaming about iOS 13.5 jailbreak???