iOS 13.4.1 Jailbreak, Cydia Compatibility, Downgrade to iOS 13.4

Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1 downgrade, Cydia Installer, and many other things for iPhone X…

Here is something related to iOS 13.4.1. So, if you’re on this firmware and wanna know some interesting facts regarding this firmware update, read the article till end. You would know about Jailbreak 13.4.1 possibility, some compatibility issues related to Cydia and all the talks related to downgrade.

You would have already upgraded iPhone X or iPhone 8 to the latest firmware release iOS 13.4.1. Apple pushed this firmware as an emergency update over iOS 13.4.1. The previous one was huge buggy firmware, according to Apple.

As this is trend that have been discussed in our previous article series about iOS firmware updates and beta cycles, Apple is already in progress with iOS 13.4.1 as a beta testing whereas 13.4.3 and 13.4.4 would emergency updates like iOS 13.4.1.

To fix some major bugs, to prevent Jailbreak possibilities and for many other things, Apple has to release some emergency updates that called as emergency update.

iOS 13.4.1 is available on iPhone as OTA update that can be downloaded and installed right now after connecting your device to internet. This update gives you more security, flexibility but not Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1. And forget about Cydia iOS 13.4.1. Saurik is lazy enough and he couldn’t update Cydia iOS 13.4 at all.

iOS 13.4.1 Jailbreak

If you’re waiting for a perfect jailbreak, iOS 13.4.1 is the perfect firmware on which you can land safely until someone release Jailbreak for this firmware update. Some sources claims, Alibaba who is Chinese based company has achieved iOS 13.4.1 jailbreak.

When iOS 13.4.1 was released, Alibaba developers have found a way to Jailbreak that firmware and iOS 13.4.1 is the second one that can be jailbroken using Safari browser exploit.

Even Alibaba Jailbreak for iOS 13.4.1 is ready, there is no surety that they would release Jailbreak iOS 13.4.1 for public, Even they don’t have intention to release it publicly.

Cydia iOS 13.4.1

iOS 13.4.1 Jailbreak is available for developers and for public without support of Cydia 13.4.1, however, the developer Saurik couldn’t fix some bugs from the installer that prevent installing of Tweaks and Jailbreak apps.

Even a month has been passed, Saurik is failed to release stable form of Cydia for iOS 13.4. According to the recent experience, users and some developers are installing Jailbreak and other Cydia Tweaks without Cydia.

Downgrade iOS 13.4.1

As iOS 13.4.1 is quite new and Apple just released this update, users are allowed to downgrade iOS 13.4.1 to iOS 13.4.1 for now. However, downgrade iOS 13.4.1 to iOS 10.3.3 is still not possible.

Apple still not recommends to downgrade iOS 13.4.1 to iOS 13.4.1 because the previous one was a buggy firmware and doesn’t provide security like iOS 13.4.1.

However, you can downgrade iOS 13.4.1 to that firmware for any reason if you want until Apple stops signing iOS 13.4.1.

At the end, this is the bad time for Jailbreak community that is struggling to get a stable Jailbreak with Cydia support.