iOS 11.0.4 Battery Life, Downgrade, Jailbreak & More

iOS 11.0.4 Release and supporting devices along with information about features, battery issues, jailbreak, downgrade issues and more…

iOS 11 troubles don’t want to leave Apple. One after one buggy firmware is getting released by Apple. The iPhone maker company making each and every efforts to make this firmware better but somehow some minor bugs and feature issues making their efforts fail.

iOS 11.0.4 would be the fourth constant release by Apple and before this firmware, they released iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.0.2 and iOS 11.0.1 also. And how can be forget about initial iOS 11 release that was full of bugs.

Now when iOS 11.0.3 is started making problems for many of iPhone users. IOS 11.0.4 is predicted to get release before iOS 11.1 public release.

iOS 11.0.3 is creating some serious problems regarding Bluetooth, WiFi, Touch ID and in other features. In a worst case, even after disabling WiFi, it doesn’t get disable and you would end up with empty battery. These are some reasons why battery life is poor.

iOS 11 Downgrade

The simple rule is, downgrade or upgrade. Since there isn’t any stable firmware to downgrade, you have only one option left and that is, you can upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11.1 beta. Since, you’re already on buggy firmware, its worth to get some new features with iOS 11.1 rather than waiting for iOS 11.0.4 patch.

iOS 11.0.4 jailbreak

Right now, no one can say when jailbreak iOS 11.0.4 would get released. Process is on going, but there is really less chances to get it public. The developers are making beta jailbreak and before release, they are selling to Apple or to some other security research firms for a huge amount.

Anyway, good news is, Luca is testing Yalu iOS 11.1 jailbreak possibility. And may get release sooner or later.

If you’re on iOS 11.0.3, then don’t forget to share your planning. Would you wait for iOS 11.0.4 or upgrade to iOS 11.1 right now? Would you jailbreak iOS 11.0.4 if its available? Share you thoughts in comments.

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