iOS 11.0.2 Battery, Downgrade, Jailbreak, Cydia & More

iOS 11.0.2 is replacement of iOS 11.0.1 for iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and other devices…

Since iOS 11 has been released by Apple publicly, problems start appearing. The first issue was occurred due to battery, second was Camera issue and recently some users have reported static noise over voice call. As a result, Apple has to push another quick update of iOS 11.0.1.

But instead of fixing old issues, iOS 11.0.1 creates more serious problems if we believe some users feedback. If you see Reddit, Twitter account of Apple, you can easily see bunch of complaints and negative feedback from those users who have installed iOS 11.0.1.

According to general feedback, battery draining issue isn’t fixed with iOS 11.0.1. 3D Touch is also lagging. Many users are complaining about Music app crashing. While other users are reporting regarding lock screen hang and WiFi connection issues.

Below are some of the examples that you should look on the go…

“Does your iPhone freezing frequently and then restarting automatically? I’m getting such problems after installing iOS 11.0.1. Hey Apple, please release iOS 11.0.2 as early as possible.”

“My home screen freezes, 3D Touch not working properly. My iPhone 7 is getting slower and slower even after upgrading to iOS 11.0.1.”

“It seems like iOS 11.0.1 is still in beta. Many apps installed on my iPhone that don’t working normally. Most of the time phone freezes. WiFi not working after installing iOS 11.0.1. I need to update iOS 11.0.2 either.”

“I’m facing heavy battery drop and battery draining issues. I’m not using WiFi or gaming at all. Despite battery draining rate is quite high. I’ve iPhone 8.”

“iOS 11.0.1 WiFi not connecting and once I connect somehow, it can’t be turn off.”

This is the first time when Apple has released such a leggy firmware update for iPhone. It is being said that Apple has made hurry in releasing iOS 11. And took some wrong decisions making iOS 11 file system so unstructured.

While experts believe that iOS 11.0.2 may come quickly as a fix to iOS 11.0.1. Till then, you can downgrade iOS firmware if you’ve some serious issues. Or there is iOS 11.1 to install, but its also in beta stage.

Since there are so many bugs, it seems like jb community would find some exploits from iOS 11 and release jailbreak iOS 11.0.2. As Saurik strongly believe that jailbreak 11 would be out soon, we should also keep calm and wait for the release.

Apple would try to fix all of these issues right before shipping iPhone X with iOS 11.1, so they’re making testing so hardly before the time.

Are you getting any issue after iOS 11.0.1 installed?


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