Download iOS 10.0.2 IPSW for iPhone, iPad

iOS 10.0.2 download links with IPSW files for iPhone, iPad…

We’ve just published iOS 10.0.2 release notes in which there are couple of significant changes coming for iPhone 7 and all the devices specially older devices such as iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPad models.

Within couple of weeks, Apple pushed second update to biggest software update iOS 10.0.1. With iOS 10.0.2, Apple want to make sure about security, performance and features compatibility.

Apple tried to prevent hackers from iOS 10.0.2, improve iOS 10.0.2 features and make a stable performance for older devices.

As always, you can head to your software update section of iPhone or iPad and check update after connecting your iPhone or iPod to WiFi. But make sure that your iPhone’s battery is above 50% charging otherwise, you won’t update to iOS 10.0.2.

You’d be able to download iOS 10.0.2 for iPhone and iPad using Mac computer running macOS Sierra or Windows computer installing iTunes on your computer operating system.

iOS 10.0.2 is coming with 2.3 GB for iPhone and 1.8 GB for iPod whereas 1.9 GB for iPad Pro and other devices. So, it may be biggest update for you because it would need large amount of data to be downloaded.

iOS 10.0.2 Compatible Devices

In short all the devices which were compatible for iOS 10.0.1 can install iOS 10.0.2. So, if you’ve iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 4.7″ model or iPhone 5, you can install iOS 10.0.1 IPSW files with no wary.

iOS 10.0.2 Download Options

Again, if you’ve computer that has installed iTunes then you can easily download and install iOS 10.0.2 IPSW files for iPhone or iPad. You can connect your iPhone to WiFi and go to software section to install this update easily without any iTunes support. You can download iOS 10.0.2 IPSW files from below links…

iOS 10.0.2 Download links for iPhone

iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 5 GSM): iPhone_4.0_32bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 5 GSM+CDMA): iPhone_4.0_32bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 5s GSM): iPhone_4.0_64bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 5s GSM+CDMA): iPhone_4.0_64bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 5c GSM): iPhone_4.0_32bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 5c GSM+CDMA): iPhone_4.0_32bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 6 Plus): iPhone_5.5_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 6): iPhone_4.7_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 6s): iPhone_4.7_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 6s Plus): iPhone_5.5_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone SE): iPhoneSE_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 7): iPhone9,3_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPhone 7+): iPhone9,4_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw

iOS 10 Download links for iPad

iOS 10.0.2 (iPad 4 Wi-Fi): iPad_32bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad 4 GSM): iPad_32bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad 4 GSM_CDMA): iPad_32bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Air Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Air Cellular): iPad_64bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Mini 2 Cellular): iPad_64bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Air China): iPad_64bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Mini 2 China): iPad_64bit_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Mini 3 Cellular): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Mini 3 China): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Air 2 Cellular): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Mini 4 Cellular): iPad_64bit_TouchID_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Pro Wi-Fi): iPadPro_12.9_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Pro Cellular): iPadPro_12.9_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Pro 9.7 Wi-Fi): iPadPro_9.7_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw
iOS 10.0.2 (iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular): iPadPro_9.7_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw

iOS 10 Download Links for iPod touch

iOS 10.0.2 (iPod Touch 6G): iPodtouch_10.0.2_14A456_Restore.ipsw

If you’ve installed iOS 10.0.2 and facing any issues, you can use Prometheus iOS tool for free to downgrade iOS 10.0.2 easily on any firmware you want.

If you want jailbreak iOS 10.0.2, you should read detailed article about PanGu 10.0.2 compatibility. So, are you ready for iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak? Would you install iOS 10.0.2??


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