WhatsAPP iOS 11.1.2: Install on iPad, iPhone without Jailbreak

Download WhatsApp for iPad, iPhone…

Jailbreak availability is rare in this age and thus users look WhatsApp without Jailbreak for iPad. If you’ve upgraded to iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 10.3, you can try to install it on iPad Pro, or Mini or Air.

WhatsAPP++ is only a way to get this messenger app on iPad. You need to download WhatsAPP++ first. I’d guide you installing it on your iPad with this article.

WhatsApp Messenger on iPad

It is one of the most downloaded app for iOS and Android. Since desktop web version is released, the overall users have been increased. Now, users can download it on Android, MacOS, iOS and Windows. However, Facebook hasn’t released WhatsApp for iPad yet. Anyway, users can enjoy their favorite messenger app on all platform including iPad using WhatsAPP++ app available for both Android and iOS.

Here I’m going to explain you that how you can download and install WhatsAPP iPad app with the help of WhatsAPP++ on any model of iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad Mini. So, take a look at tutorial and follow it…

  • WhatsAPP++ can be installed directly from Apple App Store for iPad. The official version is released by third party developers for iPad and available on App Store, however, if you can’t find it on App Store, you can look for WhatsAPP++ iPA file on our blog.
  • You must install WhatsAPP++ on iPad using XCode that may be quite difficult process, but you can’t complete installing this messenger app on your iPad without having ++ version. So, try searching the way how you can use XCode to install WhatsAPP++
  • Before using, WhatsAPP++, you must trust the developer to give it Administration permission. This can be done from Settings app.

Many users enjoying WhatsAPP on iPad without having any issue and you can repeat it easily following this article.

So, start installing WhatsAPP++ on your iPad and if you’ve any issue, you can comment and fix those issues.

Updated for iOS 11.1.2 on 1st March, 2017

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  1. Gafiyung says:

    The whatsapp ++ installs and verifies my number, but it force closes after number verification..pls help

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