Download HipStore iOS 13.5/11.1: The Best Way to Install Cracked Apps [Jailbreak Store]

HipStore iPhone app is the hot in jailbreaking community to download and install cracked apps for free.

I remember the days when InstallOus was released for all compatible jailbroken devices. Those days were famous for cracked apps. iPhone users were crazy to install Install0us and downloading cracked apps. Later on, Install0us got some hosting issues according to website owner and then it got shut down.

HipStore is one of the top level alternative option for Install0us. Not only for InstallOus, HipStore English app is really a good iPhone app comparing to Zeusmos, Kuaiyong, 25PP and TongBu which are available in Chinese language.

I tried TongBu, 25PP, Kuaiyong and many other apps to install cracked apps, but I found that most of these Cydia apps are in Chinese language and the English translation is not available anywhere. Couple of unprofessional guys have translated Kuaiyong in English language, but it doesn’t work properly and only available for Mac and Windows only.

In other hand, HipStore can be installed easily and available in English language. You can easily browse their cracked app store for games and apps out there for free.

How to Install HipStore for Free

Note: HipStore is available only for jailbroken device, if you’re thinking to install HipStore for free on your iPhone which is not jailbroken, then you should move on vShare, AppAddict or any other Cydia apps that work without jailbreak. To install HipStore, you need to jailbreak your firmware using untethered jailbreak. TaiG may be the best available option for you.

  • You need to connect your iPhone to internet and open Cydia.
  • Cydia contains couple of repo sources for default, you need to add one more repository address to download HipStore app. Add:
  • Search the repo with HipStore and AppSync and install both apps one by one.
  • After installation, reboot your iPhone or any device you’ve.

Smart Tip: AppSync is available on our blog with special download link. Remember: HipStore won’t work at any way without AppSync if you’ve jailbroken device.

Our comments are always open. If you need any help, you can leave a single comment and we’d be on you desk to help you. I hope it would work.

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  1. HipStore is the app hosted on Mojo Installer which is available for free without jailbreak. So, anyone can download HipStore for iOS 13.5 for iPhone.
    But, I didn’t test it for installing paid apps because I don’t have AppSync app installed with HipStore.

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