How to Install Cydia iOS 11 Without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad

iOS 11 jailbreak is released, iOS 11.1 is coming for iPhone, iPad

As we’ve jailbreak for iPhone or iPod, we can enjoy thousands of tweaks on our device. There are variety of sources available for jailbreak users to download and install Cydia.

As usual after jailbreaking, the tool itself install Cydia on any device on which the jailbreaking was performed, so, there isn’t any issue regarding installation. But, you must select option to install it.

But, if there isn’t jailbreak available such as for iOS 11.1, it’s the game that you must play in order to install Cydia on your iOS 11.1 firmware and add Cydia Sources into it.

Yeah, there are certain apps available for iPhone and iPad that allows user to install Cydia without jailbreak, but you won’t enjoy full featured installer without jailbreak iOS 11.

So, we don’t recommend to try installing Cydia without jailbreak running on iOS 11 in the first place, but you’ve decided that you’d download Cydia iOS 11 at any cost, here are couple of ways that you can try.

vShare: This is the app that can install Cydia tweaks for free on your device without jailbreak. The most practical and working tool that is being used by millions of users world wide.

iPAWind: If you want true Cydia experience on your iPhone without running jailbreak iOS 11, you can download iPAwind on your device. According to the website, they allow users to install Cydia Sources, tweaks and duplicate apps running on your iOS device.

There is OpenAppMkt Cydia app and iNoCydia that can be installed without jailbreak and enjoy jailbreak app store on your device.

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  1. Epic says:

    iPawind costs money to use

  2. Gabriel Anaya says:

    Look, I read these comment on many blogs. I don’t understand why you guys not try iNoCydia or openappmkt when there is no chance to install Cydia without jailbreak. And since, there isn’t any untethered tool which can jailbreak your iPhone, you need to tweak your device. That’s it.

  3. Ilyas says:

    I’m gonna made after trying several time to install Cydia deb file, but Cydia not working and this is constant error which is coming since 1 month.

    • Hany says:

      I think you’re weak in English and it’s not your first language. But, I can’t help you in your first lang. I can help you downloading Cydia to your iPhone.
      You can try iPAWind or the latest PanGU jailbreak on your Mac to install Cydia without any error that you’re facing right now.

  4. Ellezabeth says:

    I’ve just install Cydia, how to add sources into iOS 9.3?

  5. Michael Williams says:

    I’ve tried many things installing Cydia without jailbreak. I contacted TaiG team directly about this installer app, but they don’t have any answer even they didn’t replied me.

    Later on, I contacted to PanGu team and they’ve told me that we can use deb file using iFile or iFunBox. IPAWind can be a good installer if you successfully download deb package and then you can also install Cydia running iOS 11.1.2 firm.

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