Install Cydia Using OpenAppMkt or iNoCydia without jailbreak

How to download Cydia and install on your iPhone running on iOS 13.5 using iNoCydia or OpenAppMkt installer…

Whenever PanGu takes time to release jailbreak, users try to find some other quick ways to install Cydia without jailbreak.

In this case, iNoCydia and OpenAppMkt Cydia installer are most common and famous. You’d be surprise but these apps are HTML 5 web apps and can install couple of tweaks such as iFile, Siri tweaks and other jailbreak apps.

Most of those users who are new in jailbreaking often installs OpenAppMkt to get tweaks working on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak. Open App MKT is just like iNoCydia but can install some more applications such as game emulator and iFile.

This is how iNoCydia, Mojo Installer and OpenAppMkt work on iOS particularly on those firmware which are not jailbreakable. If you wan’t to install Cydia using OpenAppMKT, Mojo Installer or iNoCydia, you need to download the installer app first.

Note: you must verify and make it trusted in order to install any Tweak or hack using iNoCydia or OpenAppMkt Cydia installer.

Follow some simple steps…

  1. Download OpenAppMkt or iNoCydia or Mojo Installer
  2. The second step should be installing one of these web apps.
  3. You need to trust the profile using Settings app because it won’t work without making it trusted.
  4. Done.

In most cases, users have complained that OpenAppMkt not working, iNoCydia not working, Mojo Installer not working and the common reason is that you’re not making them trusted using Settings app.

Note: Use PanGu 13.5 jailbreak instead of OpenAppMkt or any other quick tool to install Cydia in normal case because PanGu jailbreak is most trusted and working solution till yet.

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