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Download Cydia iOS 10.3 on compatible iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPad devices…

Apple introduced APFS aka Apple File System for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that is compatible for iOS 10.3. It means, iOS 10.3 would be more tougher to jailbreak and installing Cydia as well.

Over the time, we understood one thing that the development over jailbreak for unlocking iPhone and downloading Cydia on it becomes slower than expected and suddenly it get robust from new or experienced developers team.

iOS 8 and iOS 9 Jailbreak, Cydia

Last time when TaiG failed to released jailbreak for iOS 9, PanGu done a great job and they’ve managed to release series of untethered and tethered Jailbreak with the combination of Cydia installer.

Before that, TaiG released number of successful untethered jailbreak for iOS 8 which was quite peaceful time because that time all iPhone and iPad along with iPod touch were supported in a single jailbreak update. At that time many new Cydia tweaks developer came into community and show their talent by releasing new tweaks, sources as well as Cydia hacks.

Yalu iOS11.1.2 Cydia, Jailbreak

Finally, Apple done an incredible update for iPhone with iOS 10. The Mac developer company introduced one of the most advanced and feature rich firmware update along with several big changes to graphics, features and hardware for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

iOS 10 was more tougher to install Cydia and jailbreaking. You can say that it was nearly impossible for any team to crackdown iOS security system to unlock iPhone for installing must have Cydia apps, sources and repo addresses.

Thanks to Luca. The rising star, Luca brought the first ever iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak for iPhone 7 and other 64-bit devices and proved that nothing is impossible. This time PanGu failed to show his talent like TaiG in the past.

Later on, Luca updated his tool for iOS11.1.2 jailbreak and Saurik has timely updated Cydia iOS11.1.2. This was also tethered jailbreak for small number of iPhone and iPad devices. Anyway, the community got second impossible tethered tool in form of Yalu.

Cydia iOS 10.3, Jailbreak 10.3 – Yalu or PanGu

iOS 10.3 is announced with APFS, the file system that I mentioned above. It is being said that it would be more harder, tougher to jailbreak and finally there would be less chance for iOS 10.3 Cydia.

Again, it is expected that PanGu would come into effect and would release tether and untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.3. This time, there won’t be TaiG or OverSky for any new updates.

But again, Luca tweeted that he would keep continue updates of jailbreak for iPhone 7 in the future for iOS 10.3 too. So, I guess there is still chance with Cydia to install our favourite jailbreak apps as well as some incredible game hacks such as Pokemon Go and Mario.

We’re in search of getting most exciting and breaking news about iOS 10.3 using various trusted sources directly from team members of Yalu and PanGu jailbreak teams. And, we believe that there would be surely several updates over and over for future firmware updates.

Updated on 6th Feb, 2017: Apple released iOS 10.3 for all public beta tester and it is expected that APFS would be installed with the firmware update for all public version start form release.

Would you upgrade iOS 10.3 or you still wanna enjoy Cydia iOS11.1.2?


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  2. says:

    The full continuously updating compatibility list for iOS 10.0.x-11.1.2 jailbreak tweaks can be seen below.

  3. Haleem says:

    Hi im currently on os 10.3 beta 2 . Can i downgrade to 10. .2 n jailbreak?

  4. Jarek says:

    Please help me.

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      Please tell, what kind of help do you need? Do you wanna install Cydia iOS 11.1.2 or you’re on iOS 10.3 and wanna downgrade it?

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