iNoCydia Brings Cydia Installer to iOS 13.5 Without Jailbreak

Cydia Installer iOS 13.5 download using iNoCydia without Jailbreak…

This time, Jailbreak users had to live without Cydia for a long time. Thanks to my computer that it won’t help me upgrading iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.2 that time and I stayed on iOS 9.1.

Later on I jailbroke my iPhone 6S, but unfortunately my iPhone 5S was upgraded to iOS 13.5 periodically so I tried another way to install Cydia without Jailbreak using iNoCydia.

Thanks to this installer too that saved my day. Now, I’ve installed couple of apps such as F.lux because I don’t like Night Shift Mode and GBA4iOS which works like a charm on my iPhone 5S.

In overall experience, iNoCydia Cydia installer is truly works great. If somehow, you’ve upgraded your firmware and still can’t live without jailbreak and Apps, you can consider iNoCydia.

Finally, there is a tweak for that I can recommend you to install. Unlike other non jailbreak apps, iNoCydia takes much lesser time to install on your iPhone without any further hard steps.

After installation if iNoCydia not working, you can trust the profile (in worst case) and it would start working. Sometimes, when you install any app, it would take time to install, but remember that you’re trying Cydia installer tweaks without Jailbreak so just wait some time and try again.

iNoCydia is in the starting phase and need some improvements and more apps to be supported just like original Cydia installer. So, I’m hopping that the developer who is working behind iNoCydia work further to improve it and first add some more jailbreak apps.

I’ve installed iNoCydia on iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPod Touch 6G and faced couple of issues and I can help you too. So, if you’re facing trouble, leave a comment and I’d help you via comments…


  1. er 19, 2016 at 4:06 am
    Where to download iNoCydia? I’m getting into this tool to install tweaks. I found that no other tools can install Cydia like i NoCydia. So give me the right path to download.

  2. Where to download iNoCydia? I’m getting into this tool to install tweaks. I found that no other tools can install Cydia like i NoCydia. So give me the right path to download.

  3. Can I expect one jailbreak for iOS 13.5 using inocydia???
    How to download this cydia iOS 13.5 app!

  4. PanGu iOS 13.5 jailbreak released so now there is no need to install iNoCydia or iNoJB at all. These apps are best at their level for non jailbreak devices. And if you’d properly jailbreak iOS 13.5, you’d be able to get bunch of Cydia tweaks, Cydia Apps and sources as well.

    PanGu tool is available for Mac, Linux and Windows in English so iNoCydia is nothing but scrap for you right now. Forget installing iNoCydia and download PanGu semi-tethered jailbreak iOS 13.5 for your device.

  5. Thanks for shingra. What a pleasure to read!

  6. It’s something different experience to have inocydia which I installed yesterday. It works as an alternative to jailbreak, but I feel less impressive than Cydia Installer.

    I must admit that it got great popularity in a very short time and it’s increasing. I’m sure that the world without jailbreak would attract at Mojo rather than inocydia.

    I believe that inocydia development has been stuck somewhere in the middle and thus users are not focusing on this alternative. The users need jailbreak alternative and it must be true or genuine and iNoCydia doesn’t look genuine like Mojo installer.

    This is all about my opinion and it can be wrong too. Anyway, right now I’m enjoying F.lux, Kuaiyong, GBA4iOS and iTransmission without jailbreak using Mojo.

    inocydia should add these download on their site too.


    1. I understand whole idea behind iNoCydia. But it’s nearly impossible to install Cydia using such installer on any firmware that can’t be jailbreak. You can take a example of iOS 13.5 which is extremely hard to crack down. Look at another firmware which is recently released iOS 9.3.1 after a lot of beta test.

      Apple patches all the exploits before release. You have only the chance to install Cydia and it’s inocydia and nothing else.

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