iFunBox iOS: i-FunBox is the Best iTunes Alternative for iPhone, iPad

iFunBox iOS 12.1.1: i-FunBox is the Best iTunes Alternative for iPhone, iPad

If you’ve upgrade to iOS 12.1.1 and looking iPhone file manager and disappointed with iTunes iOS 12.1.1 then believe me that iFunBox can be seriously useful alternative to iTunes for you.

We’re getting numerous comments and request about install, uninstall and backup related queries for apps specially third party apps using iTunes iOS 12.1.1.

The large number of users have tried iFunBox and they’ve successfully managed their files.

To troubleshoot this, we’ve hands on i-FunBox iOS 12.1.1 and tested couple of things. First, we tried to backup individual apps from iPhone, but iTunes doesn’t allow us to do that. Then, we tried iFunBox to backup those apps, and surprisingly iFunbox iOS 12.1.1 allows to take backup of any individual app or game.

The second test was installing iPA files. Very first, we tried iTunes to install MovieBox iOS 12.1.1 on iPhone 5S using iPA file.

But iTunes doesn’t allow to install iPA file. Whereas, i-FunBox iOS 12.1.1 easily install Movie Box iPA file to iPhone without asking any question or query.

This is how, its clear that iFunBox is far better than iTunes and any one can consider it as the best iTunes alternative at least for iOS 12.1.1 related apps.

If you’ve similar issues, share them with us via comments…


  1. AKAIK yo’uve got the answer in one!

  2. Hello, Neighbors!


  4. I just connected my iPhone to Mac OS X and installed i-FunBox to backup installed app store apps, but the apps don’t appear on iFunBox. It seems like, its not working
    How to fix? I’ve tried iExplorer too

    1. You should try iTools iOS 12.1.1 rather than iFunBox iOS 12.1.1
      do you’ve iOS 12.1.1 or anything else?

      1. Search iFunBox 2016, rather than iPhone app file manager. Because that app is located under 2016 head mark. You can install them using iTools 2016. I-FunBox not working on recently updated firmware.

      2. iTools? That is a good one.

  5. how to update itunes for ios 12.1.1?

  6. Download links please for ifunbox 2015

  7. Where to download moviebox iOS 12.1.1 iPA file?

  8. Is this tool free?

  9. Oh great!
    I did the same test on my iPad Mini with iOS 12.1.1 Movie Box and the same result I got.
    But, if you’re looking to install specially moviebox on your iPhone then try vShare rather than iFunBox iOS 12.1.1, vShare is far easier than i-FunBox tool.

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