iAPFree Updated to iOS 11.1.2: The Ultimate iAP Free List of Apps, Games for iPhone X

iAPFree Updated to iOS 11.1.2: The Ultimate iAP Free List of Apps, Games for iPad, iPhone

iAPFree is one of the first choice for jailbreak users who love to use in app purchases. Cydia is a large jailbreak app store and there are many apps and tweaks available that are really useful. Its depend on you, what you want to do with that tweak. Such as iAPFree.

Look at it’s name iAP Free. If you have installed any in-app application or plugin, then you would know what I mean. iAPFree iOS 11.1.2 is nothing but allows you to install free in-app purchases.

Before proceeding, I would remind you that iAPFree and this type of applications are completely illegal to use. Many users use iAP Cracker, iAPLocalStore, iAPCrazy and so on which are completely against of Apple rules. However, most of the jailbreak users install them and enjoy in-app purchases for free.

Some of the jailbreak users install iAPFree to test in-app purchases before buy. This is not a good idea to test any premium in-app purchases or paid apps. Anyways, if you’ve already made your day to get iAP Free and alternatives, then here is something that you can do.

One more thing, iAP Free is completely different than InstallOus, vShare, AppCake and 25PP. iAPFree just cra.c.ks in-app purchases and makes them free for you instead of whole application.

How to Install iAP Hack

To install this Cydia tweak on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air or iPad Mini, you need to jailbreak it first. Use TaiG, PP Jailbreak, PanGu or EvasiOn.

1. Once you have jailbroken your iPad or iPhone, Open Cydia app store application. Any jailbreak tool listed above would install Cydia app during jailbreaking process.

2. Tap on Sources tab on Cydia app from the bottom. And, tap on add source. Type http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

3. When you successfully added repo source, search iAPFree in that repo source and install it. Enable core plugin feature from settings and restart your iPhone or iPad.


iAPFree List

Just Googling about the list with the word “iAPFree List” of Games and Apps. That’s it. I recently discovered a tweet containing 11.1.200 iOS 11.1.2 games and apps which are supported by iAPFree and it is updated recently. So, just install the app and download whole iAPFree list of games.

If you need alternatives, try LocaliAPStore, iAPCrazy or iAP Cracker. Lucky Patcher is most active alternative to iAP Free.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You ideots.. It works fine but not for all apps

  2. Øymi says:

    Does Unison League work?Or is there any other thing that enables Unison League to give free gems???

  3. mr. hate th3s3 scams says:

    i advise everyone to not listen to this garbage. its a scam. theres NO working iap for ios 11.1.2 period. its all old versions that DONT work. dont waste your time. i wasted mine to tell you not to waste yours.

  4. Alien says:


  5. Anonymous says:


  6. mohammad says:

    its crash on 11.1.2

    what can i do ?

  7. wizzart says:

    doesn’t work with 11.1.2.
    the app start and black screen and crash
    hu hu

  8. pour says:

    guys please help me… there is no iapfree ios 11.1.2, just old one that crush
    where is it exactly?

  9. DeJaun says:

    This does not work for ios 11.1.2 jailbreak. I used this and now I’m paying 60 dollars worth of in app purchase. Best advice is to look it up on youtube for iap free and see if the have the 11.2.1 jailbreak while doing it.

  10. Joseph Coleman says:

    I’m really happy to see that iAPFree is still there on jailbreak app store for free. I would say that there is really a great source to provide free in app purchase.
    thanks to man who developed this great app.

  11. Michael says:

    What about Lego Star Wars complete saga?

  12. Lukas Eland Kristensen says:

    I can only find iAPFree iOS 11.1.2. Will this work with iOS 11.2.1?

  13. Christian Mancilla says:

    I’m looking iapfree iOS 11.1.2

  14. Tony says:

    I tried a lot of hacks including iApfree iOS 11.1.2 but none of these working either on clash of clan or candy crash new version. I don’t know how some users claim that iap free works!
    Suppose, it works then please give us complete list of apps and games which can be hacked.
    I would be thankful to the users who update the list of apps and games. Please.

    • Peter says:

      iAPFree works but for some type of in-app purchases only. Actually, the games and apps that need internet or wifi connection can’t be hacked using either iapfree or iapcrazy or iap cracker what ever app you use.

      Simply, you can’t hack all the apps and games. And, for the last, we should buy, if we really like any app or game.

      Furthermore, you can use localiapstore or iapcrazy that work on most of the games listed above. My favorite tweak is iap-free

      I hope this would help.

      • Tony says:

        Thanks a lot for the info, but i know all this gk. I just need core plugin that works on clash of clans and candy crash
        I hope this would clear your view

      • Jonny says:

        Do you think that ANY of the tools cited will work on app-X, if app-X’s in-app-purchases have been implemented in a particular way by developers?

        Every app I’ve tried with IAPCrazy still prompts for store credentials before failing due to ‘no payment info’ on my a/c.

        Assuming it’s only apps with very primitive app-purchase-check function that can be prised open

        Greed is a terrible thing

  15. Merry says:

    Thanks, it works
    I used app sync and iapfree iOS 11.1.2
    the combination worked!!!

  16. Carl Jacob says:

    I’ve just upgraded iOS 11.1.2 and jailbreak it
    tried to install iapfree and installed it but how to use it? I enable core plugins and all the configuration, but still doesn’t working
    Please help

    • Martin says:

      Hey, do you have installed appsync iOS 11.1.2? iAP-Free doesn’t work without this plugin. You can easily find app sync core plugin on cydia app store.
      Just install it and reboot your iPhone

  17. Dog says:

    I no longer trust this site for any advice. You recommend tweaks and hacks without version numbers, implying IOS 9.3 compatibility where in fact there clearly is none.

    YOU in fact are the hacks – I’ll look for more reliable advice elsewhere, and I suggest others do the same.

  18. Anshuman9969 says:

    i cant find the 11.1.2 version for iapFree

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