How to Use iAPCrazy Repo for iPhone X

How to Use iAPCrazy iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone or iPad

I tried several ways to get free in-app purchases such as jailbreak hacks including LocaliAPStore, iAP Cracker and iAPCrazy.

Today, I’m gonna tell you my own experiments over a few popular in-app purchase games such as Clash of clan, Candy Crush and Hay Day.

To try out these Cydia hacks, you need jailbroken iDevice. I tried iAPCrazy on iPhone 6 Plus. It was little bit hard and tricky, because if I would make mistake, I would lost my jailbreak.

I know that AppSync iOS 11.1.2 is must for working with any jailbreak hacks such as iAP Crazy. So, my first goal was getting working AppSync Unified Cydia tweak.

Note: There are couple of AppSync tweak available on Cydia store and I can bat most of them are fake or not working. So, try to install official app, so that iAPCrazy would work properly without any error.

How to Install AppSync to Use iAPCrazy Cydia tweak

Then, I added repo source that can able to give me iAPCrazy working app. So, I added below repository on Cydia store..

Once you successfully added HackYouriPhone repository, this is the best time to search iAP Crazy tweak. Searched and installed it on iPhone X.

I asked to reboot and I done it. After restart my iPhone, I went to and enable iAPCrazy iOS 11.1.2 successfully.

I was surprised to know that its really works. I managed to get couple of in-app purchases free. But, most of them were low cost games. I tried Clash of clan, Candy Crush and Hay day and unfortunately they don’t work.

Anyways, this was fun, so I thought to share with you. If you have also made your experiments, share with us…

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  1. DYkat1 says:

    Not Working!!!!

  2. DYkat1 says:

    Not Working

  3. Randhil says:

    Unliaeevlbbe how well-written and informative this was.

  4. Kratochvílej says:

    Play Best fiends

  5. DM[z] says:

    Fighter online

  6. Anonymous says:

    You can use Clash of Clans… All you have to do is go into iAP Crazy and enable it. Stupidness always wins. Did you not know, you can Google stuff? 21st centry dumbass.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It won’t let me get gems, even on the apps I’ve tried with localiapstore

  8. Matt says:

    Working for me

  9. kim seang kak says:

    Kim seang

  10. Chris says:

    Its not working
    Delete this fuc…… Thread

  11. weehii says:

    hahah “I asked to reboot and i done it. After restart my iPhone, I went to and enable iAPCrazy iOS 11.1.2 successfully.” This means whoever wrote this didn’t do the jailbreak.

  12. Hunter says:

    How can you install this if it requires a reboot which effectively cancels out the 11.1.2 semi tether jb??


    I fucking need help!!! ive been and i am still a huge fan of iapcrazy but i tried everything: terminal typing uicache, downloading from different sources or rebooting but nothing helped. im on ios 11.1.2 i have a iPhone X but the icon and settings preferences wont show up. I NEED HELP!! Pleaseee

  14. Faisal Abdulaziz says:

    i have iPhone X iOS 11.2.1 Jailbroken
    When i have Installed iAPCrazy 1.4.2 & Respring my iPhone and reboot it, the iAPCrazy icon never shows up on my iPhone.

    whats problem?

  15. Zoom says:

    When Install iAP Crazy and respring my device, the app icon never shows up on my iPhone. I have a an iPhone X. I’m thinking it’s because I don’t have enough storage but it shouldn’t be that big and I have at least a full gigabyte.

  16. Joshua Benjamin says:

    Can someone give me exact steps to use iAp crazy? I just installed iAPCrazy on my iPad and still couldn’t figure out how to configure and use this tweak.
    Its just a scrap of jailbreak, i think

    • hanani almuhanna says:

      you can use localiapstore actually for ios 8 , i use it for my ipad mini ios 11.1.2 and my iphone 6 ios 11.1.2 .. not iap crazy , iapfree or iap cracker

  17. Noemi says:

    What can I do if appears a massege saying: error loading network most recent data.?

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