iOS 11.1 Available Now Without Developer Account

iOS 11.1 is now available for developers, beta testers…

We’re here with the top update of iOS 11.1. It is being said that this is the firmware that would be packed with iPhone X. There’s lot remaining for Apple to test before release of said firmware update.

Earlier today, Apple pushed iOS 11.1 beta 1 for developers. However, the first update is available only for registered developers and not for public beta testers. For public beta testers, Apple would launch another set of iOS 11.1 beta update after couple of testing and getting feedback from developers.

If you wanna test this new update right on your iPhone 8 or any older but compatible device, you must follow some simple steps in order to download and install iOS 11.1 because this won’t gonna so easily as this is not OTA update coming directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Update: Luca is said to release untethered Safari based iOS 11.1 jailbreak.

How to Install iOS 11.1 on iPhone 8

So follow below steps to install iOS 11.1 on your iPhone…

Please note, the user who is interested in installing iOS 11.1 needs to install a “iOS Beta Software Profile”. It is under Apple’s agreement that if you wanna test beta software update direct to your iPhone or iPad like OTA, you must add beta software profile before getting such updates.

  1. Connect iPhone to WiFi or Mobile internet and open Safari browser.
  2. Search on Google “iOS Beta Software Profile iOS 11.1” and choose the first result and that should be Apple’s website.
  3. You would be asked to sign in to your Apple account, so sign in.
  4. After successful login to Apple ID account, you’d be asked to download iOS 11.1 beta profile, download it. Install that profile on your iPhone on which you wanna get beta software updates.
  5. Restart your iPhone or iPad and go to settings.
  6. Open General Section and then software update.
  7. System would fetch iOS 11.1 update, tap on Download and Install button from bottom.
  8. System would verify the update and would install on your iPhone.


After following above steps, whenever Apple would release new beta software update to iOS 11.1, you’d get directly on your iPhone via OTA update.

That’s it.