How to Install IntelliScreenX iOS 13.5: The Best LockScreen Cydia Tweak

How to Install IntelliScreenX iOS 13.5: The Best Lock Screen Cydia Tweak 

No doubt, Apple has created wonderful iOS firmware and various device look beautiful using such features.

iOS 13.5 has cool notification center, lockscreen, control center and springboard. However, it still misses couple of customization that IntelliScreenX offers.

IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak is known for Lock Screen and Notification center customization tweak. It offers many customization features to jailbreak user. Recently, the powerful and most awaited jailbreak tweak, IntelliScreenX was updated to iOS 13.5.

There are two ways, you can install it. The default Cydia Source, BigBoss contains the updated version and IntelliBorn which is the official repo source for IntelliScreenX, contains the app.

This is paid Cydia tweak, so you need to pay before installing it. Yeah, you can have a trial version before purchasing it. The trial version is available with IntelliScreenX.

Such other tweaks from IntelliBorn, IntelliScreenX is also classic Cydia tweak that works on jailbroken iOS device. IntelliScreenX iOS 13.5 is compatible for iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch.

IntelliScreenX Features

The pricey tweak brings a pricey features which are mentioned below…

  1. You can add wide range of services to your lockscreen, “Slide to Unlock” screen that include Facebook, Twitter updates, Email, Weather, Text Messages, Calender entries and much more things to the “Slide to Unlock” lock screen.
  2. You’re getting miss call alert, SMS, email and silent mode status with IntelliScreenX on your lock screen.
  3. You can read, mark or delete any items from your email, SMS or calender entries directly from lockscreen.
  4. IntelliScreenX offers options for quick reply or compose updates on Twitter, Facebook or email.
  5. IntelliScreenX can be accessed within any active app.

A lot more features, you get using one of the best lockscreen Cydia tweak. If you wanna install IntelliScreenX free version, you can comment to win one…


  1. What a joy to find such clear thngiink. Thanks for posting!

  2. I bought this and I felt all righteous and now I feel like a dope. It was a really great tweak though I’m suffering without it.

  3. I emailed IntelliBorn and the owner told me they will not be releasing a version of IntelliScreenX for IOS 9xx.

    The information above isn’t accurate in the slightest bit. There is no file on BigBoss or anywhere else.

  4. Intelliscreenx for 13.5 not found in big bose repo help please Iam on iOS 13.5 My email is

  5. Don’t install any cracked version. IntelliScreen X available for 3 day trial period, use it

    1. Can you give me IntelliScreenX repo for free? I read on their blog that it’s free trail period but when i visit their website for update, it’s not out there for free.

  6. IntelliScreenX is not available for iOS 13.5 yet, please gimme download link for iPhone

  7. It works smoothly on iOS 8.1.2, I installed intelliscreen cracked version from bya repo source

  8. I added hackyouriphone repo, but there isn’t updated version of intelli screen x. I’m getting old version again and again, please update it urgently

  9. How to download Intelliscreenx cracked?

  10. IntelliBorn are really wonder source for such cydia tweaks. No doubt, IntelliScreenX is the best Cydia tweak for lock screen but why we don’t try LockInfo and such tweaks which are available for cheap subscription. I would recommend to install IntelliScreenX suppose, if you can pay the huge money for this Cydia tweak.

    1. There is no shortage of lockscreen tweaks, just look into Cydia store.

      1. @Carl, why you don’t think about Spin Cydia tweak? Its also lockscreen Cydia tweak. You’d get beautiful music player on lockscreen. Isn’t it enough?

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