How to Install AppSync Unified on iPhone, iPad

How to Install AppSync iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone, iPad

Without support of this Cydia plugin, none of the cracked app or game would install on your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch. This is one of the must have jailbreak tweaks to install or test Cydia packages.

In order to install AppCake, vShare, AppAddict, AppTrackr, InstallOus or HipStore, you must install working AppSync on your iPhone or iPad.

During iOS 11.2.1 to iOS 11.1.2 jailbreaks, it was really tough to find working AppSync on your Cydia, however, now most of the popular jailbreak app store has app sync on their repo source.

What Actually AppSync Do?

There are many jailbreak apps that cracks paid apps and games, but there are not signed and without signed any app, iPhone or iPad wouldn’t allow to install any cracked application.

AppSync does sign those cracked apps so that AppCake, TutuApp like jailbreak apps can install those cracked apps on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Install AppSync iOS 11.1.2

You need following…

  • Jailbroken iDevice
  • Cydia Installer
  • AppSync Repo
  • Working AppSync Cydia Tweak

How to Install it from official repo source

Look, there isn’t any official repo source for this tweak. As I explain above, there are many repo sources that contains AppSync. You can install it from any of those repo source.

But one working app would work for all the supportive apps such as AppTrackr, InstallOus, vShare or AppCake and Zeusmos.

Update x1: AppSync Unified iOS app can be installed on iOS 11.1.2, however due to private release, all users won’t jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 right now to install App Sync iOS 11.1.2 with KeenLab Jailbreak. Comment to know more about this.

AppSync iOS 11.1.2 Repo Sources

Following are some repo sources that may contain working plugin…


You can add one of the above repository in your Cydia directory and search AppSync working app. Sometimes, it becomes too hard to get working plugin. If you couldn’t find one, tell us, we would help you. Comment here…

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  1. Really guys?!?!?! says:

    App sync for iOS 11.1.2 is currently being worked on and it’s not ready yet but if you want to install it now and wreck your jailbreak feel free

  2. ZeeDaBee says:

    Does AppSync work on iOS 11.2.1

  3. zesrauem sye says:

    do not!!! install AppSync Unified when you are on 11.2 JB

    it kills your phone and you have to install ios 11.1.2 again 🙁

  4. Bscaine says:

    Looser poster!!

  5. Ronald says:

    This is one of the best Cydia tweak till the date. AppSync Unified is that hack which enable true hidden features for iPhone to make it ultimate.
    Thanks to the developers

  6. Aaron says:

    There is no appsync for ios 11.1.2 yet or i couldn’t find it. Help

  7. URStupid says:

    You are stupid. Appsync for iOS 11.1.2?? Really?? There is no jailbreak for iOS 10 mate!!!! Stop posting spam

  8. Andre Partington says:

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Many thanks!|


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  11. Adolfo says:

    Guys do you where I can find a Appsync that really works with Ios 11.1.2? I´ve been installing the appsync unified and none of the files ive found works

  12. gerardo says:

    do i need internet conection to install appsync?

  13. Raospfc says:

    Nope. Nothing works

  14. Lixarp says:

    It doesnt works , help pls ..

  15. AMANK says:

    icant found appsync iOS 11.1.2.. Please Help

  16. Peter Tony says:

    Download AppSync iOS 11.1.2 from official repo source

  17. Terrano K says:

    How to install appsync iOS 11.1.2 on my iPhone? Is there any official repo source?

  18. Logesh Wywan says:

    after i install localiap store, in iphone settings -> its not showing but in cydia it shown as installed tweak

    • Gabriel Anaya says:

      Look, if you’ve installed AppSync on iOS 9.1, it has some issues so it won’t appear in the settings. Just install AppSync Unified app and forget about it. It would be enabled after installation and one more thing, always install the tweak from official sources only.

    • Maxwell Yang says:

      It’s in your settings

  19. Logesh Wywan says:

    tell me the working appsync version for ios11.1.2 jailbroken ios

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