How to Increase iPhone 7 Battery Life Running iOS 11.1.2

How to Boost Battery Life for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPad…

Apple says, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have more battery life than iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. In short, you’ve longer battery life on iPhone 7 comparing to older version of iPhone.

But if you’ve busy day with iPhone 7, most probably, you’d suffer from battery problems. iPhones run great on stand by time and thus Apple claims 10 Days of battery life on Stand by.

You can seriously extend iPhone 7 battery life if you disable couple of features which I’m gonna explain in this article. After configuring settings, you’d be able to get up to 3 days of more battery time on your iPhone whether it’s iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S or iPhone 4.

According to Apple

According different usage, Apple explains below battery life based on Talk Time, Standby, Internet browsing and music and video surfing. Before configuring settings and compromise your life style, you should study below table of battery time according to Apple.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus battery life

Estimated iPhone 7 Battery Life vs iPhone 7 Battery Life

You may get completely different battery life every day based on your usage. One day you’d get full day battery life with just 10% battery usage and on another day, you may get full day battery life with 50% battery usage. So, it’s completely depend on your usage.

I’ve seen seen and have personal experience when I’ve got 10 days of battery life with 4 to 5 hours of usage on WiFi. But please note that these results are based on without SIM card or no Sim network.

With Sim services, your battery life would be compromised and you need to disable or limit couple of features on your iPhone specially at that time when you’re not using them.

Enable Battery Percentage

To know actual battery usage, you should enable battery percentage on your iPhone status bar and this can be done easily by enabling a option given in the options withing Battery menu.

Normally, you get only battery level on the top right corner which can be changed to Battery percentage and battery level together. So, follow below steps in order to enable battery percentage on your iPhone 7.

  • Just access your iPhone home screen and open Settings.
  • You’d find Battery options in the setting app after scrolling down.
  • In a Battery options, tap on enable Battery Percentage toggle.

That’s it.

Now, you’d notice battery percentage on your iPhone with battery level iCon. So, you’re ready to extend battery time on your iPhone or iPad configuring below settings.

Battery usage

To increase battery time, you first need to understand and analyze battery usage. iPhone runs on iOS 11.1.2 and iOS 11.1.2 brings battery stats with the usage of each app on your iPhone 7. With the time, these battery usage based on apps improved significantly and now you can check battery usage based on each app used with certain period and percentage of battery usage.

Before identify these battery draining apps, check your iPhone battery usage…

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Scroll down until you found Battery options and tap on it.

This screen would show you detailed usage of your battery based on apps, lockscreen and home screen usage. You can check the usage for certain time period. Normally, you’d see last 24 hours battery usage but you can check days wise battery usage on your iPhone.

Now tap on time period icon give on the right side of table and tap on Last 7 Day usage. Now, you’d see the apps and various other services which are running either on screen or in the background.

Identify Battery Consuming iPhone Apps

You may found any particular app on your battery usage lot that consume a large part of your battery time but it depends on your usage. So, don’t estimate and consider that app as battery hog on your iPhone 7, but you need to analyze the app which is less important and still consuming significant amount of iPhone battery life.

In a case, I found that Live Wallpaper was consuming 9% of my battery life on iPhone 7 which was significant and I can manage with the normal or less battery consuming wallpaper at the same time and after changing iPhone wallpaper, I noticed noticeable amount of battery life improvement.

This is how, you can also identify iPhone battery hog apps and can disable or uninstall apps that consume huge battery life which is less important to you.

After Identify, take action

Once you found the battery hog, the next step is to disable that app or feature or just uninstall iPhone apps that hogging significant amount of battery life. In my cases, I disable could of features and apps while changing wallpaper gave me great result.

Location Services

While installing any application specially that which runs along with photos, videos, location or internet asks permission to access these services and most probably we agree to the use. Perhaps you don’t know but these are big battery eater.

You can limit these iPhone apps specially those apps which usage Location services that result a great battery drain issues. Follow me…

  • Open Settings and scroll down to Privacy settings.
  • There would found Location Services.
  • Location Services show detailed stats for apps that access this service, you can disable those apps which you don’t like or the apps that eats big amount of iPhone battery time.

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Only While Using the app – Location Services

You may have argument that how to use Weather app that offers accurate weather information based on our location or such apps that require Location Service as must. So, I’d say you can use Location services for those apps, but at the same time you can save great battery life too.

Follow me…

  • Open Settings
  • Access Privacy Section
  • Navigate Location Services
  • Enable the Option “While Using the App“.

This would enable those apps which works only on location services. Location services would be disable when you close that app. This would increase battery of your iPhone 7 or any older device.

Note: By optimizing location services, you can boost battery life for your Android devices too. All Samsung Galaxy, Redmi, CoolPad, LG, Lenovo and other brands support these features as they run on Android platform.

Background App Refresh

Some apps including Facebook, WhatsAPP and some internet based applications that runs in the background and access online contents via internet in the background using Background App Refresh feature. Actually, these apps consume huge battery life and result poor battery usage time on your iPhone or any device you’re using.

You can easily limit these apps two ways. You can kill the process and the second option is disable Background App Refresh for that app. Follow me…

Best Cydia Hacks to get great battery Life

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Now scroll down to Background App Refresh option.
  • Disable background app refresh for all the apps or just disable any particular app that eats battery life.

In many cases after disabling background app refresh, you’d end up with great battery life and you may also increase battery usage time on your iPhone or iPad.

Low Power Mode

iPhone Low Power Mode gives great battery life, but at the same time it disable couple of most power consuming features such as Background App Refresh, downloads, Animations and online content fetching.

Normally, when your iPhone battery reaches 20% battery, system would ask to enable Low Power Mode by on screen instruction each time when you’re at 20% or below that level.

Note: You can browse Internet over WiFi and watch YouTube or check WhatsAPP message on Low Power Mode, so, it’s not that issue for using all the apps.

Few tips to Boost Battery Life on iPhone 7

You can follow best practice to increase battery life.

  1. Disable WiFi if you’re not using any online apps or browsing internet and this can give you good battery backup time. Many times, you keep running WiFi even if you’re not using WhatsAPP or Facebook. We advice users to Turn Off WiFi when you’re not using it.
  2. Use GMail instead of iOS 11.1.2 default Mail app. We found that iOS 11.1.2 Mail app consumes huge battery percentage and disabling mail app is great option for you. At the same time you can close and disable Gmail any time when you’re not using it. This is how, you can increase iPhone battery life for great extend.
  3. iOS 11.1.2¬†Night Mode is great feature that increases battery life for some hours and many times it resulted a day more battery life if your usage is really low. Suft web or use iPhone in Night Mode when you’re using your iPhone at night.

Now it’s your turn

We’ve shared some tips for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11.1.2 to increase battery time, now it’s your turn, comment below and share how you’d achieved your battery life. Share your battery life and usage…


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