How to Download AppAddict App from Official Repo Source

AppAddict Repo has largest number of jailbreak apps and paid applications for free. The AppAddict app works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and the best alternative to InstallOus…

You would have heard about InstallOus, AppulOus and AppTrackr. These are the jailbreak apps which were quite popular in the past. Whereas nowadays, AppAddict, AppCake, vShare and AppShare are popular.

Today, we gonna talk about AppAddict repo, the largest cracked apps owner. After vShare and AppCake, AppAddict is the website and repository that has large number of paid games and apps but for free.

Nowadays more and more users adding this repo to get paid apps for free on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air. The developer of the repo has his own application client which is also known as AppAddict app.

AppAddict Requires…

  1. User who wanna install AppAddict, needs jailbroken iDevice. It can be iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  2. Cydia Installer is also must have installer to install App Addict repo or app.
  3. One and last, AppSync Cydia plugin is also required to install unsigned iPA files.

How to Add AppAddict Repo Source to Cydia

This is pretty simple. Once you have jailbroken you iDevice, it would have Cydia installed. Just open it and tap on Sources. The new Cydia Substrate have Sources List on the front page.

Now, add

Note: this repo has many apps and tweaks. But, install AppSync iOS 13.5 before installing AppAddict Cydia app.

How to Download and Install AppAddict Jailbreak App

There are two ways, you can download and install this app…

  1. Open Cydia application and tap on Search button. Type “AppAddict” and choose the latest version. Tap on Install and follow instructions.
  2. Or, you can open Safari web browser and go to There would be “Slide to Install” button. Just slide it and tap on Install button then.

Done. You can follow one of the above method, but don’t forget to install AppSync first. You can ask help via comments, if you face any error…

AppAddict Alternatives

As mentioned above, vShare is the best rival and alternative at the moment for App Addict. The official website of this app is

If you’re looking an alternative to AppAddict, then no doubt, use vShare. It supports bunch of apps which can be installed without jailbreak. If you’ve jailbreak and wanna install just a cracked app, then try LinkStore. None of the Cydia tweak would work like LinkStore.


  1. Appaddict has a built in pangu for 9.3.3 and built in Yule for 13.5, but apple revokd the and a lot more udid comants.
    They working really hard to get everyone back on

  2. ah ah sans jailbreak ;; mais comment peut on faire sans jailbreak pour ios 13.5 alorrs que le jailbreak n existe pas pour celui ci

  3. At the moment, Appaddict iOS 13.5 is the best choice for any jailbreak lover because you can actually enjoy Cydia stuff without jailbreak on iOS 13.5. You just need to download their app and forget about anything else.

    1. Unfortunately, AppAddict won’t work without AppSync and you know that AppSync Unified is jailbreak app that is not possible to install without JB. So, there isn’t any use of App addict app without jailbreak for iPhone.

  4. How to get app addict without jailbreak on iPad Mini 3?

  5. AppAddict not working on iOS 13.5 jailbreak
    i’m on beta version and now i’m thinking that why i jailbreak beta version!
    don’t jailbreak beta version of any firmware ever
    this repo doesn’t work on beta version of jailbreak

  6. I heard about Linkstore, alternative to appaddict, how to install and configure it? i installed it and then my safari doesn’t work.
    pls help

  7. Which is the official repo to install paid apps for iPhone?

    1. for which app?

      1. of course app addict

        1. you can visit appaddict dot org and then download their app for iPhone or iPad

  8. I’m new to jailbreaking and wanna download some paid apps for free specially, I’m looking games for iOS 13.5 beta. How can I jailbreak iOS 13.5 and install appaddict?

    1. There is no stable jailbreak for iOS 10 at the moment.

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