How to Crop a Screenshot On Mac

Do this to crop a screenshot on Mac

  1. Open the screenshot that you want to crop
  2. It will be opened up in Preview app on Mac, you’ll notice a + icon when you hover your mouse pointer on screenshot.
  3. Select the area which you want to use after crop. To do that, tap, hold and drag the mouse and select the area to crop. You can adjust the area from the screen shot to crop.
  4. When you finished selecting right area of the screenshot to crop, tap on “Tools” from the top bar of Mac and choose “Crop” option given there.
  5. Done

How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

So, above were the steps How I crop a screenshot on MacOS. This can be applied on any updated version of Mac OS. To make your jurney easy, I’m attaching a YouTube video demonstrating how to crop a screenshot on Mac, so that you don’t feel hard to follow the steps. But, the steps will be exact same on video too. If you’ve any query, you can comment below. Comments help us to bring informative articles for you and also show us the areas to improve. Thanks.

How to Crop Screenshot on Mac

Below is the video demonstration that will guide you to crop a screenshot in very easy manner so that if you haven’t got idea from above steps to crop image, you’ll get clear picture to do that. Hoping this will help you…

I suggest you don’t use any other way. Believe me, this is the easiest way to crop the image. I don’t use any other method because they’re time consuming and need to use other softwares or photo app. Best luck.

Few very common questions that user ask

There’s few questions you might have to ask and you’ll see that I’ve covered those questions below. So, take a look on it…

How do I crop a screenshot on my Mac?

I’ve clearly mentioned above that I use only and only this method. This is quick and very easy straight forward to crop any screenshot on your Mac OS.

Why Crop option isn’t available in Tools menu on the top bar?

Look, if you haven’t selected the area that you want to crop, until then Crop option won’t be visible or activated for you. Simply, you can’t crop the image without selecting it. Once, you’ll select the area to crop, the option will be available to use in Tools on the toolbar.

How to Crop any Screenshot that’s saved on Mac?

That doesn’t matter screenshot is saved or unsaved. You can just open stored screenshot on mac and follow above steps. You’ll see that you’re able to crop image easily without any hassle.

Can I use any snip tool to crop screenshot?

On Mac, there isn’t any specific snip tool for cropping the image. You can just use Preview app as a snip tool for cropping.\

How to crop a screenshot on Macbook?

Again, the steps will be same for any display that is powered with Mac OS. So, if you’re using MacBook Air or any other Macbook, you can simply want to use above steps.

Can I crop screen shot on iPhone?

To crop any image on your iPhone, you just need to open that image on your iOS and then tap on edit button given there. You’ll see cropping tool there. Use it to crop screenshot or any image.

If you also have any query or questions, ask in the comments…

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