What Happens When You Block a Number on iPhone

These days, we often need to block some unknown numbers and in many cases a well known phone number for various privacy reasons. Maybe you’re getting spam calls or text messages and thus we often block someone on your smartphone.

Now, you might be thinking what happens when you block someone on your iPhone? Does he or she know that you’ve blocked him?! And many such questions you may have before blocking someone specially whom you know well and may be the person is your friend or relative.

What Happens when you block someone on iPhone

Before knowing facts related to it, just remember one thing that once you block a number on iPhone, the blocked person won’t be able to make you FaceTime call, won’t be able to send you iMessage and he won’t be able to call you ever until you unblock him from your iPhone.

You now know that the block person won’t be able to call you, but you may think that what response the blocked person will get when he will try to call you. Well, we did many test on this on various network operator using iPhone. Surprisingly, the response was quite different from network to network. Yep, it depends on your network provide what response blocked person will get.

Sometimes, when a blocked person calls you, he will get an unreachable response from the network service provider whereas sometimes, the phone gets disconnected with a busy tone. On the other hand sometimes, the call will be forwarded to voicemail.

What if Blocked Number Sends iMessage or Text Message?

This is clear that when you block a number on an iPhone, you won’t get a call from that number, you won’t get iMessage or any text messages even if he won’t be able to make a FaceTime call.

So basically what happens with him when someone sends a text message or iMessage to someone whom you’ve blocked already.

Well, when the blocked number will send you a text message or iMessage, the message will be delivered and the Network operator may charge for that SMS or iMessage as usual. However, that message won’t reach you as you’ve already blocked that number.

Now, you know what happens when you block someone on your iPhone. Now, you may want to know how to know if someone block your phone number on iPhone?!

How to Know If Someone Block Your Phone Number on iPhone

Although we’ve covered a detailed article on that topic, we’ll try to show you the short process here too.

First thing, you never notified that someone has blocked your iPhone number. That’s why until you try to find out if someone has blocked you or not, you’ll never know about it. You’ll have to experience it.

You can try below things to check if someone has blocked your number on your iPhone.

  1. Call that number and check if the phone rings once or twice. Also note, your call shouldn’t forward to voicemail. The common sign is, if someone has blocked your iPhone number, the ring will ring just once and you’ll get a busy response most of the time. As we said, you may get unreachable caller responses too.
  2. Try to send him a text or iMessage on his iPhone number. If you get a “Delivered” response in the read receipt, then you should think that your number isn’t blocked. If you never get a Delivered message, it may mean he has blocked your phone number on your iPhone.
    Remember: Sometimes, the opposite person isn’t online or he lost his iPhone. In that case, he won’t get your message ever and you’ll get false positive response.
  3. If you’ve doubts that somebody has blocked your phone, try calling him with a different phone number or from your family phone number to see if he picks your call.

How do you know when you tried to find out whether your number is blocked or not?

It’s your turn, please comment below and tell us how you know when someone blocked your number and what happened when you blocked someone on your iPhone. It would be really interesting to know what the response other person gave you when he knew that you blocked him. Anyways, you can ask your query too in the comment box.

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