How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram story

Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Most of the time, we tend to add more than one photo or even video to Instagram stories and this happens many times. So today, I’m gonna show you some easy steps to add multiple photos or videos to your Instagram story. Take a look below…

  1. Open the Layout tool on your story.
  2. You’ll need to create a collage here.
  3. Upload more than one photo to the Instagram collage feature. You can use copy and paste where you can select multiple photos and copy them together and just paste them.

Simply, it isn’t impossible to import and add multiple photos at once on stories posted on Instagram, but you’ll need to know how to do that. You can read the detailed explanation given below.

How to Add More than One Picture on Instagram

To create Instagram stories, you don’t need to be a photographer or tech guy. If you know some simple things, you can do all these in some snaps.

Follow me…

  1. Create a news story or just tap on one of your old stories to edit.
  2. Tap on the “Layout” from the right bottom area in camera mode.
  3. Now, select your prefered layout based on how many photos you want to add at once to your Instagram Story.
  4. After selecting the best layout based on your wish, tap on the “+” icon from the right bottom area to add multiple photos to the layout of the story.
  5. Post it.

Done. Isn’t it easy? A kid can create an Instagram story with multiple photos at once. Yup, one more thing, you can edit an Instagram story that is already posted by you and add more than one picture to it.

One can post up to 8 photos at once on the Instagram story so try and tell us in the comments whether it works or not.

How to Add Multiple Pictures at once using the “Multiple Photos” feature

In this method too, you can create a new Instagram story or open one of your old stories from the app. Follow me…

  1. Open or create a new story.
  2. Here too, you need to tap on that “+” icon from the right bottom space.
  3. Now from the top left area, tap on the “Select Multiple” button.
  4. Start selecting photos from your iPhone or Android photo library.
  5. If you want to customize those photos by adding text, smilies or effects, you can add those filters to photos here in this step.
  6. Post it.

Isn’t it easy? Yup, you gonna rock your Instagram stories with such hacks available on the app itself. You don’t need any additional software or third-party apps. All these are for free on the stock app itself.

There’s one more trick to adding multiple photos to the Instagram story. You can head to the iPhone photo app where you can copy up to 8 photos at once and paste them where you want to add to your Instagram story. The same steps can be followed using an Android smartphone where you can use the Multimedia folder or Album app.

I recommend you customize those photos before posting them. After adding effects and filters the photo will become more attractive and give you more attention. Now, it depends on you how you customize Instagram stories with these filters and features. Don’t forget to comment and tell us about it.

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