How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram Posts or Story

How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram

YouTube, Twitter and many other social media apps allow posting posts, story or video with tags or hashtags. On Instagram, one can add 30 hashtags while posting on their social media platform. These hashtags help to spread your story or post to a wide range of people. This way, your posts and stories get organic vewer.

Then what is the problem with hashtags then? Actually, hashtags can help greatly to get a lot of new audiences. However sometimes, these tags can create a spammy impression for your content. If you use them and somehow hide from others, it would be great for your potential growth.

This is how, you may be wondering how to hide hashtags on Instagram to avoid spamming overlook without harming your organic reach to the new people.

With today’s article, I’ll try to help you hide hashtags on posts and stories uploaded on Instagram.

How do I hide hashtags in my Instagram post or story caption

The best way to hide hashtags on Instagram is to hide them in captions. Taka a look…

  1. When you create a post on Instagram, you will use a caption.
  2. In the caption, add ..”Hashtags”.. and enter.
  3. Replace hastags with your actual hash tags and keep ending them at the end of the caption as per your need.
  4. Post it.

This way all your hashtags will be at the end of your caption. Users will have to expand the caption in order to get all those tags. This is how, you can hide hashtags on your posts on Instagram.

Use Comments to Add Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram allows posting comments on posts and stories uploaded on their social media platform. Now the idea is, one can hide Instagram hashtags in the comments. This can be done via the first comment. You can post either manually or schedulling the first comment when your post will be published automatically.

  1. Get Instagram Log in.
  2. Create a post or story and post it.
  3. Create a first manual comment from your end and add all the hashtags in it.
  4. Post that comment.


The good thing about this hack is, you’ll get the same intraction with both of these tricks without making your post spammy all the way.

Now, try the trick on your Instagram account and tell us what result you are getting in the comment box below.

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