GBA4iOS not working? Download GBA Emulator 13.5 for free Without Jailbreak

How to Download GBA4iOS iOS 13.5 to iPhone or iPad Pro or any other favorite device that run on Android or iOS to play Games using game boy advance emulator.

If you’ve the latest released firmware which is iOS 13.5 and can’t run or play games using GBA4iOS emulator, then you’re not alone.

There are many other users who are getting GBA4iOS 13.5 could not be installed at this time error or some other ways GBA4iOS not working on their devices.

Is it the end of iPhone Gameboy Advance Emulator or we can fix the issue? Let’s see what we can do. In most cases, the users are adopting wrong way to download GBA4iOS.

If you choose the right way or correct method to install GBA games, you won’t get any error and you won’t face GBA not working issue whether you’ve iOS or Android platform.

It’s not related to firmware change. Yeah, it may be possible that if you’ve jailbroken firmware, you would easily download and install GBA4iOS while without jailbreak it may be difficult, but there is some way at least.

So, jailbreak is better, if there is. I’d recommend to jailbreak iOS 13.5 If there is any tool available to jailbreak and install Cydia and if there isn’t any tool available, you can try downloading GBA4iOS without jailbreak using vShare or iEmulators.

We’d come out with detailed article where we’d try to show you how to download this beautiful iPhone game emulator which can be download and install on iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air too even you can play GBA4iOS games on iPod Touch too on the go.

Note: Don’t try to install Cydia to run GBA4iOS using OpenAPPMKT or iNoCydia.

Smart Tips

Yeah, there are GBA4iOS alternatives which are NDS4iOS and you can consider Emu4iOS 13.5. Furthermore, SNES4iOS is also the best game emulator for iPad and iPhone.

Update: GBA iOS 13.5 game emulator is ready and the developers are testing this new game emulator on new platform and it would landed for iOS 13.5 very soon. But before that, we can notice GBA4iOS iOS 13.5 as a part time emulator.

Update: GBA Emulator iOS 13.5 is released with the support of Pokemon go, so you won’t need NDS4iOS 13.5 anyway to run Pokemon go without jailbreak.

Update for iOS 13.5: GBA4iOS 13.5 available and it works without any trick or hacks. You can play Pokemon Go 11 and other games on this Game Boy Emulator. You won’t need to download iEmulators iOS 13.5 to make it work.

iOS 13.5: According to Apple, this version is most updated and bundle of bug fixes. Now, the operating system works better for third party apps such as GBA iOS 13.5.

GBA iOS 13.5: We recently conduct a demonstration that was done on iOS 13.5 beta 2 with the combination of GBA4iOS iOS 13.5. It proves this game emulator works on latest beta version too and without jailbreak. If GBA not working on your iPhone, once comment below.

iGBA iOS 13.5: The improved version of this app has been released with great updates. I’d post a new article demonstrating whole process of downloading iGBA and installing on your iPhone X even without Jailbreak iOS 13.5.

Comments are open, if you’ve query, just post it.


  1. iOS 13.5 and GBA4IOS don’t works…

  2. i think it has something to do with the certificate for verifying only lasting like a week at most

  3. Heres a fix that I think might work:
    use a computer and download cydia impactor and a downloaded gba4ios file that can be found online: here might work.

    then hook up your phone and close itunes.
    select your phone from the drop down menu in the window.
    then use your apple id and password (this is used to create a certificate in your name)
    then it should work. also, i dont think that you are able to have both the impactor version and the other one. try to transfer your saves by going into itunes, clicking on your phone on the top left, apps, scroll down, and click on gba4ios iOS 13.5, save everything there (or use dropbox sync), then you can delete the old gba cuz all your progress is on your computer, load the cydia impactor gba4ios on, and i think that should work. havent tested this but im sure it would because ive used this for other apps and they have yet to be revoked. in theory this should make it signed in your name so it wont be revoked.

  4. So i’m playing Final Fantasy XV on GBA4iOS 13.5 and after update it won’t load my savegame. help plz


    1. I keep getting the “Unable to donwload” error.
      Even if I do the date trick.
      Any ideas ?

      1. Having the same problem here as well

    2. As of the 29th I cannot re download and had to delete it because it randomly un verified itself. Need help

        1. I just got it yesterday and now this happens.

      1. Can’t download it either. It’s patched.

    3. Then how do I fix it?

  6. tip: plug your phone into your laptop for iphone users open up itunes. find the gba4ios app and double click it. after that you can click and drag what ever games you want onto your laptop so when the new update comes out you can just drag them back onto the gba4ios app.

  7. The app won’t let me verify it anymore as of today. How do I fix this

    1. I had same issue, if anyone figures it out please let us know

      1. I have the same problem plz fix it fast

        1. Same problem!

          1. Same :( fuck dude…

            1. Same issue as well.

              1. Same prob
                Plz help

                1. Any update on this? Plz help :)

                    1. Is there a solution?? (Same issue)

    2. You guys need to reinstall it

  8. New update of GBA413.5.3 is going to floor next week. We’re exclusively getting forum access for publishing updates about future version of GBA4iOS 13.5, GBA4iOS 13.5 and iGBA 12.2 exclusively here. If GBA not working on your iPhone or iPad using iOS 13.5.3, please reply to this comment.

    1. It is not working on my iPhone 6s on iOS 13.5.

      1. I saved my stuff on Dropbox too.

        1. Mine isnt working

          1. Gba4ios stopped working too. im on iOS 13.5.3

            1. Anyone know when it will be back up

      2. It is not working for me I can’t download it

    2. Not working on iOS 13.5

    3. It’s not working on iOS 13.5

    4. not working on iphone X ios 12.2

    5. Just updated an iPhone x to 13.5 and gba4ios (date version 2.1) is no longer working. A pop-up said I needed to verify the app, and after trying to verify the app in profile management (“Beijing HL95 Info-Industry Co., LTD.”) nothing happens. The page refreshes and I cannot verify or use the app anymore. Hoping for an update soon, I really enjoy using this emulator!

      1. Exact same thing with me

      2. Same! Please patch this soon if possible! I don’t want to have to redownload the app and lose all my game data

      3. Exact same thing

      4. Must set date to 04/20/12!!! To Fix This Problem worked for Me!!!

      5. Exactly the same for me, the verify page just refreshes and does not verify. No Pokémon for me :(

      6. Me too, please help me.. i just use gba4ios 2.1 for 1week, and it cant open

    6. I barely just updated my iPhone to to 12.2 os and now by GBA4iOS won’t verify. Some one help is there a work around?

    7. Mine isn’t working either

    8. my app is not working too

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    9. Mine stopped working on iOS 13.5 and I’m hurt lol I love the mega man battle network series and I was in mid swing when mine stopped working please let me know when they have a future update for this app. Lol best thing since.. yeah you know where I was going with that 😂

    10. It’s not working for me either.

    11. Yes not working please help


    13. It’s not working on my phone anymore but I was using it this morning

    14. It,s not working on iOS 13.5. Any update? Thanks

    15. Not working for me

    16. mine was working for awhile and i had lots of fun with it but then it sadly stopped working cant wait for gba4ios iOS 13.5

  9. Any idea how to get the gba emulator on ios 13.5?

  10. Same thing here. During the game i already upload the savegame on dropbox, if i redownload the game the saved games will be there and i will continue the gameplay normally ??? Or this doesnt work?


    1. It worked for me last time when I downloaded it again. I used the Dropbox method.

      1. That’s promising

      2. How does it work using DropBox???

        1. You just go to the settings of the gba4ios and you activate the sync with dropbox. Then the saved games will be uploaded to the dropbox and after you redownload the gba4ios and download the rom of that game the saved games will be automatically appear again so you will be able to continue without start over again. BTW THE GBA4IOS IS ABLE TO DOWNLOAD AGAIN. HAVE FUN

          1. Theres no dropbox sync

      3. How do you connect it to dropbox?

  11. Been using GBA4iOS 2.1 with 13.5.3 for over a week now, went to play today and it asks me to verify the app which had already been done, go to verify it and it just refreshes the profile screen and does not verify the app

    1. I had the same problem today i cant fix it

    2. Having the same problem! Any workaround?

    3. Same problem here. Did anyone try to reinstall the app? I can’t cuz I’m affraid of losing all my saves :(

      1. I deleted mine and it wont redownload rip fml i don’t recommend deleting it guys

        1. Same here! Please help!

  12. Hey,
    I was playing GBA4IOS for a week under ios 11 when suddenly i could not open the app anymore without doing any updates… Does someone know how to fix that ? It asks to verify the dev but the process does not seem to work… I had just got to the victory road on pokemon yellow with a 13.50 level Gengar and 13.50 level Mew…….

    1. Same problem. Any solution?

    2. I also came across this issue today, server down maybe?

    3. The same exact problem. Please help. Someone know how to save the preogress you had? Please help

  13. Great news guys i could redownload gba4ios again i did day trick hopefully everyone reading this and do it see if you guys can get back but i set day 2013 might help dunno

    1. Did you loose your saved games Falk??

    2. OMFG THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WORKS AGAIN. I did not need to do the date trick though lol

    3. Whats the day trick?????

  14. I do everything but doesn’t work always say can’t be download is there other gba4ios 2.2? Or something?

    1. I tried everything to install GBA4iOS 13.5, but GBA iOS 13.5 not working, please do anything to fix the certificate issue. I’ve iPhone 6 running iOS 13.5

  15. Yeah. From 11 my gba4ios just dosent work and says it can verify but when i try it imidietly dosent do enything

    1. Me 2. Can we do anything to fix it?

  16. Now i deleted it and i can’t download it anymore it says “GBA4iOS can’t be downloaded right now” with buttons as cancel and try again but i tried it several times with the date trick

    1. It did it to me too, I just kept pushing and trying new solutions
      I managed to download it and play but after a week I cannot play anymore… dunno why

  17. I’m trying re download game but always says can’t at time I’m getting pissed i try everything but the thing is i can download ids but can’t GBSios4 on my iphone 6s and my update is 11 how i fixed love playing old pokemon games plz help

    1. Me 2 having same issue

    2. True me same

      1. Delete the profile settings in the profiles menu then goto gba4ios website google this download it have Date/Time set to 04/20/12 to by pass install click app reset date/Time to normal then go back to profiles trust/verify then after its done reset Date/Time to 04/20/12 and Presto it works!!!!😉 Enjoii H@ČK TH3 SYST3M!!! 😆

  18. Look at my case. I was successfully playing pokemon go using gba4ios 11 game emulator and nothing was issue. Unfortunately, while syncing data with iTunes I accidently updated it to GBA4iOS 13.5 and now I lost all the pokemon go data and lost the game.

    GBA not working on my iPhone. I tried the same game emulator on iPad running iOS 13.5, but it’s my bad luck nothing works.

    Please help me guys, i want to play Pokemon Go iOS 13.5 using GBA4iOS, but it’s not working

  19. Its stopped working and wont let me verify the app, this is a few days after updating though?

    1. Ikr

    2. Don’t update to iOS 13.5 otherwise GBA game emulator won’t work on iOS 13.5 and you’d end up with empty hands

  20. thanks man, gba iOS 13.5 works like a charm and it solved all the issues with Pokemon go here on my country. Please, keep up your good job on updating gba4ios 11 as well as 11.1 if any.
    and thanks to Cydia too.

  21. So today is July 22 and I have received iPhone distribution and I have all my pokemon data save there will the GbA4ios work again ?

    1. Yeah, just try latest PanGu jailbreak iOS 13.5 with Pokemon Go if GBA4iOS not working iOS 13.5 without Cydia.

  22. I want Pokemon Go game using GBA4ios, can you help me to download that game emulator for iPhone without jailbreak????

  23. I have iOS 13.5. I trusted the app and I’ve been playing on it for 2 days but on the 3rd day it said it wasn’t verified and I need to verify to open the app so I went to the settings and device management and pressed verify and it didn’t load . I also tried changing the date back to 2014 and 2012 but that didn’t work either. What should I do

    1. Same thing has been happening to me, I’ve tried it twice now with the same result as yours.

      1. I am also having the same issue.

    2. I just had the same issue when I just updated to 13.5 I didn’t delete the app. Go to I Emulators install gba4ios 2 again no date trick needed retrust the app. And it worked for me all my games and saved data was still there

  24. My GBA4IOS was working perfectly. I always changed the date back to 2014 and opened the app. once opened, i changed back the date to automatic and could play without problems. today i opened and it closes before i can do anything. can you help me?

    1. I’ve got the same issue someone help, please

    2. Exact same issue here

    3. Same issue here! Have you been able to make it work again? I dont want to uninstal and reinstal it because i dont want to loose game saved data… July 26th.

  25. Swag it worked

  26. It works

  27. thanks, it’s working now

  28. Troubleshooting

    1. Is there any any way to get GBA4iOS without jailbreak?
    Ans: Yeah, as we mentioned two different names above which can help you installing this wonderful game emulator on your iPhone and iPad. Look, Game Boy Advance Emulator is one of the best iPhone emulator.

    2. GBA4iOS not working? How to fix GBA for iOS?
    Ans: Many times, we make some mistake downloading this wonderful free emulator from the web. if you wanna download and install GBA4iOS correct way without not working error, you need to follow the steps in the right sequence.

    3. Is GBA4iOS Free?
    Ans: Yeah, GBA4iOS 13.5 Is completely free. You can install GBA Roms on iOS 13.5 Too.

    1. Can I install gba4iOS iOS 13.5 Without jailbreak? If yes, can you upload a video demonstrating it?
      Please do it for me

      1. Yeah, you can download iOSEmus or Mojo Installer to install GBA4iOS without jailbreak. It works on all iPhone and iPad devices.

  29. Don’t delete I did it and had it connected to dropbox and I lost everything

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. You just saved me. How to fix this issue Sam?

  30. 13.5? My emulator stopped working in 9.3.2. Is there anyway to get this thing working on the most recent update. My app is halfway installed but I can’t delete or I will loose all the pkmn! Help

    1. Same, guess we just need to wait for new update without uninstall our gba4ios. Hope they fix soon.

    2. If you download Dropbox in the future, you don’t have to worry about losing any game data because it saves it to the app. Just a heads up for everyone because I know that feeling of starting over.

      1. You can get your saves back with iBackupBot.. Look it up, i backed up mine, now i can play on pc, while waiting for the update..

        1. How do you find the game on inaction bot. I downloaded it but can’t find it

    3. Can’t believe AUG 9 I used 4 hour to caught that kangaskhan in safari zone. Then saved beside articuno happily prepared master ball for second day. Now screwed.

    4. I’ve iOS 13.5 and GBA4iOS 13.5 not working at all. I’m planning to install Pokemon Go using GBA iOS 13.5 but no luck. Please help

      1. By me it says GBA4iOS is no longer available! What should i do?!

        1. Set date back to 2010 and then open.

          1. GBA4iOS 13.5 works without any trick, try updating the app and then try open Pokemon Go

  31. I have ios 13.5 and I have been trying everywhere to get either a GBA or DS emulator but all of them are olders ios softwares. I can’t download hipstore , on mojo installer it wouldn’t work. I have tried Cydia and I will not jail break my phone. I really want to play but I have no idea how to download any of them or find one for the ios 13.5 ;(

    1. Game Boy Advance Emulator means GBA4iOS iOS 13.5 is getting prepared and you’d see the updated game emulator for iPhone very soon with lot of new features. As far as iOS 13.5 is concern, you’d not see it more than for a month as stable version.

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