GBA4iOS iOS 12.2-11.1: Install and Download Game Boy Advance Emulator without Jailbreak iPhone

GBA4iOS 12.2 is now available for iPhone and iPad running on iOS 11…

I got a thousands and even more query about the eligibility of GBA emulator for iPhone X and other devices running on latest iOS 11 firmware. The users where confuse and wanted for a solution to install it.

Friends GBA4iOS iOS 12.2 is available for iPhone X and all other devices running iOS 12.2 or other new firmware update because developers have updated the code to make it work on iOS 12.2.

iOS 12.2 GBA4iOS update is so large that every user is giving it 5 star. Many users had complained about incompatibility with iOS 11, thus the developers made a hard decision and have to update the core files and method to install it on iOS 12.2. GBA is now capable to land on iOS 12.2 without putting any additional impact on RAM of your iPhone X, iPad Pro and most importantly older iPhone models that can run iOS 12.2.

This is GBA4iOS 2.1.1, it means you’re getting most recent update. To notified you, and you should know that this update is made by third party developers and not the original developers of the app. The update was needed because GBA was unable to be installed on iOS 12.2. Third party developers had developed it, added new features, made security level perfect and what else you want.

This special version of GBA supports GBA4iOS Cheat codes, Dropbox feature and many other things. If you wanna hands on this special version, you must download GBA iPA file from your computer and use Cydia Impactor to install on your iPhone X, iPod Touch, iPad Pro or iPad Air and all other older devices.

Simply, you’re side loading GBA4iOS iOS 12.2 update on your iPhone in order to add GBA ROMs and other things. You can change skin, save data, use Dropbox and use Cheat codes as well. If you were looking for GBA4iOS hack, this is perfect hack for you.

I’d surely attach GBA iPA file for your convenience and would make sure that the download would work normal. You just need to connect your iPhone to the computer from which you want to install it. You can use Xcode also to install it.

If you found any difficulties, you can comment below.