FlixEnhancer Cydia Tweak Brings Enhanced Features for Netflix for iPhone, iPad

FlixEnhancer app brings enhanced features for Netflix dedicated to iPhone, iPad…

If you’re iPhone or iPad can run Netflix 9 or any newer version including beta versions, you can download and install FlixEnhancer Cydia app on your iPhone and iPad or iPod Touch to enhance features while running Netflix.

You can consider FlixEnhancer as ultimate jailbreak app for Netflix iPhone device. Users would instantly noticing difference after installing this Cydia device on their jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Now, if you want to know which features you’re getting after installing this tweak, please read rest of the article.

Search by Ratings

Once you installed FlixEnhancer tweak, a feature called Enhanced ratings would be added to the settings app. Enhanced Ratings would give you option to search any content within Netflix by specifically ratings.

When users would tap on Ratings button, a separate page would be open in Safari web browser that would allow you to search your desired content based on Ratings that you’ve given.

This is the first feature that FlixEnhancer adds to the Netflix app for iPhone.

Forward Skip

You can enable Forward Skip feature from FlixEnhancer app within settings app. After successfully enabling the feature users get Forward skip ability. This would allow users to skip forward any content while playing contents on Netflix.

Forward Skip would work equally okay when you’re running Netflix directly on iPhone or iPad or using Google Cast app on your device.

Additionally, FlixEnhancer can customize Forward Skip feature by time based on playback.

Chromecast Preferred Audio

At the end, if you install FlixEnhancer tweak, you’d get Chromecast Preferred Audio feature. This feature would allow you to choose preferred audio while running via Chromecast.

This feature is really helpful if you need to change audio settings consistently. You can get rid of changing preferred audio settings each time when you run Netflix content via Chromecast or directly on iPhone via the iPhone app.

Bottom line

Users are fully allowed to enable or disable any features mentioned above within Netflix app settings. Users can enable or disable FlixEnhancer itself using Settings app.

FlixEnhancer Cydia tweak is created by Joshua and BigBoss was the repo source that hosted this Netflix Cydia tweak.

Again, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that is jailbreak already can install this tweak. FlixEnhancer is paid tweak. You need to search the tweak on your Cydia installer where you can see the actually current price for installing the tweak.

If you need any other information about this Netflix Cydia tweak, you can comment below…

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