How to Download vShare Pro to Install Apps Without Jailbreak on iOS 11

Download vShare Pro iPhone without jailbreak your iOS 11, but now, it’s not completely possible.

Apple has crack down on vShare pirate app market who was using Apple’s Enterprise Certificate to offer top sale paid apps for free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without jailbreak.

The report has came yesterday and since then vShare not working without jailbreak. The users, who were installing vShare Pro Android, are confused what to do and what’s happening.

Shanghai based vShare company has developed various applications for Android, iPhone and other platform. They offer paid apps for free using Apple Enterprise Certificate. However, now it won’t be so easy to use those certificate because Apple has revoked them.

vShare iOS 11 iPhone app was the iPhone downloader which was able to download and install top paid apps from Apple app store on the iOS device whether it’s iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device such as Samsung Galaxy series. Users were downloading vShare Pro and start downloading without jailbreak or no root.

Apple has policy to issue Corporate Enterprise Certificate so that they can develop their company apps and allowed to share their users to download those apps and install on iPhone directly from their website without jailbreak. vShare Pro developers have purchased four Apple Enterprise Certificate and use them to distribute top iPhone paid apps for free.

Proofpoint, Cyber security firm has first discover that vShare is using more than four Enterprise Certificate to sign their iPhone app and acting like Pirate App Store. vShare was offering most of the best apps which were paid to iPhone and iPad.

Proofpoint has also called Apple and informed about vShare with all their findings. It may be possible that they’ve reported Apple that vShare is offering Minecraft and other top paid apps such as Geometry Dash and Clash of Clan with Free In App Purchase to iPad and iPhone users.

vShare without jailbreak offers installation of these paid apps which are very costing and were earning a lot of money from revenue. It’s possible to loss large part of revenue loss to the legitimate app developers. But, it seems like Apple would fix all these issues shortly.

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  1. gffyhgvjhbjn says:


  2. Farhan says:

    Fvvvgcsd and I am so happy for my

  3. Lucy says:

    vShare Pro is awesome app installer that contains bunch of apps and games but it doesn’t have Pokemon Go, which is something annoying. Please report to the developer to add premium class Pokemon Go with vShare Pro iOS 11.1.2 app.

  4. Jordan says:

    How to download vshare pro on ios 11.1.2 now

  5. Jfjjsksks says:

    F.U.C.K YOU

  6. Anonymous says:

    F.U.C.K YOU

  7. Lol says:

    ☠Moment of Death☠

  8. Lol says:

    This does not work worst vShare I would prefer vShare PRO

    • Anonymous says:

      I tried downloading their PRO app, but you know I’m getting message that they’ve stopped developing vShare Pro and now We need to head to vShare again for any further update and installation.
      What’s this Helper app?

  9. Joseph Coleman says:

    Follow the steps if vShare not working or not installing apps which are not opening at all.

    • Gabriel Anaya says:

      You can use vShare Helper to fix the issues such as profile not working or app not opening at all. These errors can be fixed easily using Helper app which runs on PC. Better to use Windows rather than Mac or Linux.

  10. Jonathan Peter says:

    How to download vShare Pro for Android?

  11. Eric Bin says:

    I’ve download it on my Mac OS X for installing vshared app on my Mac computer, but I found that dmg file is not working on my mac then I tried to install vShare on windows pc, but exe was also not working on my Windows PC, Now what to do? would it install on iPad Pro?

  12. Jared Allister says:

    calm down calm down, vShare is the core app and it won’t shut down at any way. You just need to download vshare ios 11.1.2 iphone app
    that’s it.
    Edit: iOS 11.1.2 and not iOS 11.1.2

  13. Rahul says:

    I need vShare iOS 9.2.1

  14. Alex says:

    Can i still download vshare on iOS 11.1.2? I’m gonna install the latest released Minecraft on my iPad Pro. Please help me to install this app market on my iPhone without jailbreak man

    • Kyle Dan says:

      Now, you lost all the hope, because Apple has finally taken steps towards vShare iPhone app and you can’t download or install any iPhone app any more without jailbreak or with Cydia.

      Now, you can go to app store and purchase Minecraft iOS 11.1.2 app from their by paying hard earned money. Because, you won’t able to download any paid apps from vShare app any more.

      • Adwapa says:

        Apple is evil. Why can’t they at least sell moviebox? I’d buy it for whatever. Now there’s a fake version of moviebox by the kardashians on AppStore

        • Michael Bemelmans says:

          You’re absolutely correct. You know Apple has revoked vShare iOS 11.1.2 certificate and so that it’s not working on new firmware contains on iPhone SE and other devices.

          • Anonymous says:

            Apple lost me and many others as customers now. I’m going Android from now on. Bye bye Apple

            • Anonymous says:

              You would leave using Apple iPhone is not a solution. You should change the use and download vShare Pro which is the best answer to Apple when you’d download paid apps for free without paying anything

    • Starfigher says:

      Yeah we all need that man

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