FingerTouch Cydia Tweak: The Best iOS 11.1.2 Touch ID Tweak

FingerTouch, the best Touch ID Cydia tweak released for iOS 11.1.2…

If you’re jailbreak user and wanna try something new then you’d like to have some unique gestures using Cydia apps and you’re already aware of Activator tweak.

Today morning, FingerTouch iOS 11.1.2 tweak has touched jb App Store that allows users to create customised gestures using Touch ID feature that you’re already using to unlock, go to home and for unlocking purchases on App Store.

Touch ID which is one of the most important feature and function for any iPhone that have Touch ID enabled home button. It does many useful tasks and smart enough. It addresses single tap, double tap, pressing and many more things such as accessing Siri using long press.

FingerTouch uses full techniques offers by Touch ID and develops different kind of gestures that can be customised by…

  1. Single Tap
  2. Tap and Hold
  3. Double Tap
  4. Hold
  5. Triple Tap

Users are allow to create below gestures just by performing above actions using FingerTouch tweak…

  • Do nothing: Using this option, that action would be neutral and does nothing.
  • Lock Device: If you’ve selected this action, the device would be locked.
  • Go Home: Using this option, you’d access home screen.
  • App Switcher: If you want to access App Switcher, you can choose this feature and FingerTouch would allow you to choose double tap or hold or any gesture to access App Switcher.
  • LED Flashlight: Using above gesture, you can activate Flashlight that may be very handy while at night or on the go.
  • Take ScreenShot: You can even chose one of above gesture to capture screenshot of your iPhone screen using FingerTouch.
  • Open Siri: If you don’t like to hold up your home button to access Siri, you can use Finger Touch tweak to access Siri using above gesture.

You can choose gesture to access Control Center, Notification Center, putting in sleep mode or enable or disable couple of toggles such as Rotation lock etc.

All of mentioned actions and gestures can be easily assigned or performed using simple FingerTouch settings interface:


Plus, you can easily turn FingerTouch On or Off anytime from the settings menu. ┬áThe settings would be applied directly after you performed action and that doesn’t require any respring your device.

I personally found that all gestures work excellently except Touch and Hold or “Tap and Hold” gesture that creates some mess up while performing the gesture. So, choose None to that gesture and other gestures are easy to use.

I’ve configured double tap for App Switcher while triple tapping to turn on FlashLight. This is how, FingerTouch became one of my favourite Cydia tweak specially to use Touch ID effectively and make me Pro.

Badly below iPhone 5s devices can’t use this tweak as they don’t have Touch ID feature or function. So, all the compatible devices can jailbreak and download FingerTouch iOS 11.1.2 tweak for free.

You may want to look at BigBoss repo that has hosted FingerTouch tweak on Cydia. You can search the tweak and instantly install it without any fee.

If you want to know anything else related to FingerTouch, you can use below comment form to ask…

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