How to Enable Slide to Unlock in iOS 11.1.2 Running on iPhone, iPad

Enable Slide to Unlock lockscreen toggle in iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad…

Apple had removed many things from older iPhone and iOS while developing something innovative and smart device. I’m talking about iPhone head phone jack and Slide to Unlock toggle.

Apple has itself developed a connector which can be used to connect your headphone jack with your iPhone but how would you enable Slide to unlock feature which is missing from iOS 11.1.2? I’ve something which can help you enabling Slide to unlock text and of course working toggle for that.

While developing iOS 11.1.2 and older firmwares in this series, Apple added widget to the Lock Screen and I think for that Apple had to remove Slide to Unlock toggle from Lock Screen.

In new iOS 11.1.2, you need to tap multiple time on home button to unlock iPhone which was act before while we were swipe on Slide to Unlock toggle. Now in new firmware it’s removed, why? I said it above.

There are some was which can still enable Slide to unlock on your iPhone 7 lock screen and of course for all older device that run on iOS 11.1.2 and newer. Via some hidden settings, we can force iOS to show Slide to Unlock on iPhone and iPad just like Battery Percentage on iPod Touch.

Enable “Slide to Unlock” on iPhone 7 Having iOS 11.1.2

Before starting I’d say you need to edit some system files using iBackupBot which is tool for macOS and Windows computer which would give you access to edit System files which would result in enabling Slide to Unlock later.

Note: Before editing any system file, it’s always advisable that you take backup of your data having iOS 11.1.2 or any firmware you’re using right now. During editing and saving these core system files for iPhone or iPad, it’s possible that something go wrong.

  1. Download iBackupBot for Mac or Windows computer. Simply use macOS version if you’ve macOS running computer or Windows file if you’ve Windows computer. Download it first.
  2. The next step would be open iBackupBot and you’d choose Backup file that you’ve taken before.
  3. Look at Sidebar of the software and expand /System Files/Home Domain/Library/Preferences
  4. Now, you’d see You need to double tap on this file and the edit screen would come up.
  5. Just add below lines after header of the file and save it and once you saved the file in your backup archive, restore backup using iTunes.




Note: While enabling battery percentage on home screen of my iPhone, I restored that edited file directly to my iPhone using iBackupBot. But, I heard that the new version of iBackupBot has some limitation and it can’t restore edited file directly to your iPhone using iBackupBot and so that to get Slide to Unlock feature, you’d need to use iTunes to restore backup to your iPhone.

Jailbreak device can easily add Slide to Unlock on your iPhone without editing anything.

A YouTuber has created a video on it, take a look at…

It’s possible that you’re confuse whether you should do that or not. It’s tricky and I can understand that you’re afraid of.

The same way you can disable Press Home to Unlock toggle running on iOS 11.1.2 on your iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and all older devices.

iPhone 8 2017 Release coming…

Important Notes:

You can comment below and ask anything related to enable Slide to unlock and I’d try to clear all of your doubts. I tried myself activating Slide to unlock feature again on iPhone 7 and I can say it’s working.

If you’ve any doubt, you can comment below…


  1. FUCKUP says:


  2. CEMAK says:

    ios 11.1.2 not working!
    tried to edit all found and no luck

  3. fenrir says:

    guys its only working on ios 10.0 if your running on 11.1.2.x then its not going to work…

  4. Adam says:

    The only thing I can find to make it a bit more bearable is to swipe right to widget, school down and delete all active widgets. At least then when you go to Swipe to unlock you don’t get a screen full of crap appear.

  5. Tom says:

    I think its too late to go back now. Apple have really screwed this one. Just leave things alone you Apple w@nkers.

  6. Christina says:

    I have iphone 6s and i updated ios 11.1.2.I followed all the instruction u said to enable the ”slide to unlock”but doesnt work :(…Please is there any other option i can do to change this?thank you

  7. Joseph Silva says:

    Someone please confirm that it’s working or not because I’m gonna edit system files. And if possible please upload a YouTube video demonstrating the process

  8. Anonymous says:

    not working !!!!

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