How to Turn on Dark Mode on Snapchat

Dark Mode SnapChat

Dark mode is universal in almost all apps and smartphone, we just need to do a snap to get dark mode on Snapchat, that’s how easy…

Whether to save battery life or for comfort of eyes, we all are now familier with dark mode. These days almost all smartphone brands offer darkmode that we can easily enable in few steps. This trend reached sky when the researcher found that blue light that comes from smartphone screen puts strain on eyes. Whatever reason you’ve, we must tell you that we can get dark mode easily on any social media app, Snapchat is one of them.

Snapchat is social media application where users spend a lot of time infront of screen sharing their snaps with relatives as well as friends. Nowadays, a operating system level dark mode has been released by almost all smartphone brands, however, you can get dark mode on Snapchat separetely. Today, we’ll show you how you can activate Snap Chat DarkMode.

  1. Open Snapchat app
  2. You want to open Snap settings
  3. Go to My Account on the app
  4. Choose App Appearance
  5. There you’ll see Dark mode, turn dark mode

Above were the steps that you can take on any device that has installed Snapchat app. Now, we’ll show you every single operating system to change dark mode on Snapchat.

How to Put SnapChat on DarkMode with iPhone Running iOS

Below are some very short and simple steps to put Snap Chat app on night mode…

  • You’ll need to open Snapchat app installed on your iPhone
  • Tap on top left corner icon
  • Go to Settings from the menu
  • You’ll need to find out “My Account” in settings.
  • Here choose App Appearance.
  • Turn on Dark mode given there.

How to do Dark Mode on SnapChat with Android OS

You’ll be amazed to know how I get dark mode on snapchat running Android operating system on any smartphone. I found it more easy to enable night mode on Android comparing to iOS as operating system level, however, turning on dark mode on Snap chat is quite similar like iOS.

Recently, Snapchat has introduced darkmode for Android smartphone. You can follow below steps to enable it.

  • Open Snap Chat app
  • Now, head to settings of the app
  • Go to My account
  • Choose app appearance
  • Turn on dark mode

Alternatively, you can enable system level dark mode on your android smartphone. Now, it depends on your smartphone brand also. Android comes with many smartphone brand. Few brands have introduced dark mode whereas few haven’t.

SnapChat Dark Mode Not Working

There’s no way that dark mode stop working or not working on iOS device. If you’ve iPhone, you’ll seamlessly enjoy night mode on Snap Chat. However, if you’ve Android phone, it may be possible that you may face some issues while enabling or turn dark mode on Snap-chat.

Snapchat Dark Mode Hack

Snapchat++ offers many unique features for iOS users. However, it requires jailbreak iPhone to install these tweaks. We don’t recommend anyone to install any jailbreak tweaks or applications. Snapchat Plus Plus is of the best working Cydia tweak available for iOS after jailbreak.

SnapChat Plus Plus have the hack to enable dark mode in a snap. You can see various YouTube videos there about dark mode hack for Snap Chat++.

How do you get Dark mode on Snapchat?

If you’ve any issue, problem using night mode or to get dark mode on Snapchat, you can comment below and we’ll get the best tips and tricks for turning on night mode quickly for you.

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