Zeusmos iOS 13.5: How to Download Apps, Games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Zeusmos iOS 13.5: How to Download Apps, Games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Zeusmos Cydia tweak allows jailbreak user to install cracked apps, games on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. It is the best alternative to InstallOus and AppTrackr.

InstallOus was the best jailbreak app which was developed by HackulOus. In the starting time of jailbreaking, Install0us was only the Cydia app that offers jailbreak user to download and install cracked app.

Zeusmos alternatives: You should consider HipStore, Kuaiyong and 25PP Jailbreak store as alternatives to this app.

Later on, Zeusmos Cydia tweak came into jailbreak store that has similar features to Install0us. Zeusmos also offers user to install cracked app. This was latest generation of hack that contains huge database of apps, games and other tweaks.

But, due to lack of updates, Zeusmos is not so famous among jailbreak users. Recently, there are other apps which are more famous than Zeusmos iOS 13.5.

AppCake, vShare and AppAddict are a few names which can be consider as alternatives to Zeusmos.

However, still there are couple hacks which are popular on Zeusmos list of apps. Clash of clan, Candy Crush are few names which can be added to list. Zeusmos repo contains these hacks which are added in In-app purchase category.

I hate one thing in Zeusmos. I tried it and during my hands on this app, I found that during navigation or installing any app or game, Zeusmos redirects me to App store for some unknown apps or games.

It looks like, its advertisement or pop up promotional ads which is embedded with the app. Believe me, this is too annoying and makes it less trustworthy.

Still if you wanna install Zeusmos iPhone app, then below is the repository address that would offer installation link. But, don’t forget to install AppSync or AppSync Unified app. Without this app, your Zeusmos is nothing.

Don’t forget to comment, if you still can’t install Zeusmos repo or download apps or games…


  1. Zeusmos jailbreak app is not so popular and that’s why the developers don’t add new cracked apps. You can just search old outdated or most popular jailbreak apps from the store. I would suggest 25PP or vShare rather than Zeusmos repo source.

    1. If you’re looking for Zeusmos iOS 13.5, then search Mojo Installer which can give your the tweak without jailbreak. You just need to search this tweak on the front page of Package section.

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