Download TweetBot iOS 12.1.1 for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad

Download TweetBot iOS 12.1.1 for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad

One of the most popular Social media app developer, TapBots pushed an update to TweetBot for iPhone that contains some very recently added feature by Twitter.

Plus, TweetBot iPhone app has addressed couple of serious bug fixes and bring improved more stable social media app “TweetBot” for iPhone and Apple Watch.

In the keynote of TweetBot, the developer reveal new features, improvements and bug fixes to the newly added TweetBot iOS application on Apple app store.

This paid app costs use around $4.99 for a fresh installation. Update is of course available for free.

On a new platform and with improved features, you can use Quote Tweet, Upload Video directly to Twitter or enjoy GIFs viewing on iPhone or iPad using TweetBot iOS app.

The download is available for Windows and Mac OS X too.


  1. All the latest version of TweetBot for iPhone available for free with premium version and it’s available on Mojo Installer for free.

  2. I think $3 is more than fair for a quality app. My problem with
    paying for another TapBots app is that they haven’t followed through
    with updates on their other apps that I paid for. Inder that premise I
    feel like it’s wrong to give them any more money. Or how about they give
    me Tweetbot 4 and I’ll stop asking for refunds for their other paid
    apps that have been abandoned. When the devs get more on the up and up
    and stop being shady I’ll gladly give them the $3…..

    1. Absolutely. The unique design has disappeared and we’re seeing
      multiple apps churning out the same pale/white design with the same
      plain icons. Tweetbot now looks similar to a lot of other apps which is
      sad. The good thing? It didn’t overwrite Tweetbot 3 and you can still
      use it.

      1. Tweetbot 4 is actually a lot better than most iOS 12.1.1 apps. They
        did a good job not just replacing the old stuff, but adding new little
        things. There’s subtle little physics things going on. It’s just
        incredibly well put together. This is what I was hoping for with iOS 12.1.1
        app updates.

  3. I think so. I really enjoy the iOS 12.1.1 design (I know you are not
    a fan of it). I do not mention any Android apps in this since I don’t
    have much experience with it but here is my short list of some of the
    better designed looking apps in no particular order:

    Tweetbot 4

    Perfect Weather



    Pocket Casts

    SPG: Starwood Hotels & Resorts (seriously. look at this app on an iPad)


    What are some of your favorites on Android/iOS?

  4. You can use your existing Tweetbot on iOS 12.1.1, which is what everyone was doing before this came out today.

  5. The whole scrapping existing versions of apps and re-releasing
    the new .0 version which existing users then need to re-purchase seems
    to be becoming more of a thing. At $2.99 it’s not a big deal, but it is a
    bit irksome to those who have only purchased the existing version of a
    given app a few days beforehand.

    That said, I initially purchased TweetBot quite some time ago, so in
    this instance I’m ok with it. Certain other apps doing the same thing
    (e.g. AirDisplay) I’m not as happy about.

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