Download SNES4iOS Emulator for iOS 10.3.1 without Jailbreak

SNES4iOS 10.3.1 for iPhone without Jailbreak…

Recently, we’ve witnessed couple of jailbreak release for iPhone and iPad and since jailbreak and Cydia are essential to install SNES, GBA and other game emulator, it would be really friendly period for you.

However most of the devices are still unjailbreak and you can’t unlock iPhone having latest firmware specially iOS 10.3.1 and new. The primary reason for that is, Luca or PanGu didn’t release any tool for these firmware yet.

Don’t worry, you can still install SNES4iOS on your iPhone having latest firmware. To do so, you may follow some very simple and essential steps that are required to download and run SNES emulator specially on iPhone without any error.

Today, we’d try to mention the trick as well as the way to fix SNES4iOS not working case study so if its not working on your iPhone or iPad, you can surely skip installation part and head to the section where we’ve mention the steps to fix SNES4iOS.

There was quite hope about SNES Mini which was expected to get release at the end of 2017. The expectation was quite high due to company has already introduced SNES Mini limited edition. Now this Super Nintendo Entertainment System would get your device whether you’ve iPhone, iPad or Android device. Thanks to the developer who made SNES4iOS so compatible that we can install it on iOS 10.3.1 without jailbreak. This can be a good bite before iOS 11.

Try GBA4iOS 10.3.1 either, its working with many great ROMs

I think this won’t be a bad idea to test the new version of SNES on your iPhone or iPad running the most recent and most updated iPhone firmware and since it actually takes couple of minutes to install on your iPhone without jailbreak, who don’t want to try?

So below are some easy steps including download links for SNES4iOS iPA file, you can follow the rest part to download and then install it on your iPhone…

  1. The steps are very simple and in the start you just need SNES4iOS iPA file compatible for your iPhone running iOS 10.3.1. You can use Safari or Google Chrome to download one of compatible SNES4iOS.ipa file. Once you download iPA file for SNES, you can head to the second step.
  2. Now when you already have the iPA file, you can actually install it without jailbreak iOS that has been installed on iPhone. Look, you can install this game emulator two ways. Now, it depends on you that you’d choose Xcode or Cydia impactor. I’d recommend users to choose Cydia Impactor as it’s most easy method that I’ve followed.
  3. You want to drag and drop the SNES4iOS iPA file into Cydia impactor on your MacOS. To note, Cydia Impactor is available for Windows operation system too, so you can install this emulator using Windows or MacOS computer.
  4. After drag and drop the iPA file to Cydia impactor, follow steps that have been given on the screen.

Done. I hope that you’ve successfully installed the emulator.

SNES4iOS not working? Fix it

Only installation doesn’t allow you to play SNES4iOS game emulator. To make it compatible app for iPhone, you must trust the developer profile.

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Head to General section.
  3. There you’d notice Profile & Device Management section.
  4. In device Management section, you’ve to tap on trust for SNES4iOS profile.

Once you trust the profile, you would be able to play this game emulator. You can make a comment if you face any trouble during installation or installing SNES4iOS ROMs.

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