Download NDS4iOS 13.5 Without Jailbreak [RetroArch Alternative]

RetroArch Alternative: Download NDS4iOS 13.5 Without Jailbreak no Cydia for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

If you’re searching the best iPhone game emulator, we’ve something great available options for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And, that’s NDS4iOS, RetroArch and GBA4iOS.

I found in my beta test that RetroArch not working on iOS 13.5, we can consider NDS4iOS download. Both are great alternative to each other. If any case, you can’t install GBA4iOS, you can any time download RetroArch or NDS4iOS for iPhone or iPad.

Yeah, it’s true. Now, you’ve some great alternative to EMU4iOS and GBA4iOS. I found some great NDS4iOS Roms and RetroArch supports to iOS 13.5 firmware that can be installed without jailbreak.

Before downloading NDS4iOS 13.5, I’d recommend to read GBA4iOS installation guide without jailbreak with downloading links. The guide would show you how you can download NDS4iOS alternative and install on your iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPhone without jailbreak running on iOS 13.5.

If NDS4iOS not working, make sure you’ve configured date and time correctly. Since Apple gonna patch date based exploit, we may see different method to install iPhone game emulator running on iOS 13.5

The good news is, Retroarch, GBA4iOS and NDS4iOS is available on vShare, PGYer and iEmulators website so that we can download those iPhone game emulators anytime without jailbreak iOS 13.5. However, Nintendo DS Games are best out of all game emulators.

While RetroArch can be used to install below game emulators…

  • SNES4iOS or SuperNintendo iOS 13.5
  • GBA4iOS (Game Boy Advance Emulator)
  • PlayStation One
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color
  • Provenence Alternative
  • Sega Genesis
  • TurboGrafx
  • WondwerSwan
  • Crystal

Normally, you can easily download and install any of the above game emulator including Emu4iOS with Cydia or after jailbreaking, however since there isn’t any jailbreak for iOS 13.5, you’d need to use alternative method to hands on NDS4iOS or RetroArch.

Use vShare or above listed method to download NDS4iOS or other RetroArch alternatives. Don’t forget to comment if you know any other method or cool roms for these game emulators…


  1. Why does it say the app needs to be verified? I have iOS 9.33.

  2. it doesnt install it says cant install done try again but it doesnt install

  3. NDS4iOS not working on iOS 13.5, I tried everything to make it work, but don’t work anything. Please help

    1. NDS not working? DId you tried NDS iOS 13.5 using Cydia installer? If you’re trying Pokemon Go with NDS4ios, I’d suggest you to install dedicated Cydia tweak for that.
      NDS4iOS not working issue would be fixed as soon as possible. TGhanks

  4. I downloaded iTransmission, MovieBox from vShare,but don’t know why there isn’t NDS4iOS available for download. How can we install iOS 13.5 public version with iPhone game emulator like Retroarch for iPhone?

    1. If you’ve downloaded apps from vShare website, you should know how to download NDS4iOS from the same website following same method. Just open the website, search Retroarch or Nintendo DS Game on the front page and you’re done.
      If you’re not sure how to do it, reply me

      1. How?

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