Download iOS 11.1.2 IPSW For iPhone, The New Firmware Fixes Slow, Hanging Issues

iOS 11.1.2 Download Links for iPhone, iPad…

iOS 11.1.2 is released by Apple. I’ve upgraded to this new firmware update to test that older iPhone run better on this new firmware or not.

Unfortunately, iOS 11.1.2 doesn’t fix hanging issues while running on iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPod Touch 6G. The iOS 10 series works same on older devices which results in slower and hanging issues.

According to sources, iOS 11.1.2 download would be available very soon which may be possible update which can fix all of these issues.

Apple released iOS 11.1.2 within a short time after previous update which is focusing only on iPhone 7 cellular connectivity issues. It’s fixed now but none cares about older devices which are getting hanged running these highly advance firmware updates.

Downgrade iOS 11.1.2 if it’s not working properly

However, iOS 11.1.2 IPSW doesn’t exist yet for public which have been seen in the lab tests and recorded in Analytic stats. iOS 11.1.2 traffic is increasing very fast. The users who are coming with iOS 11.1.2 have iPhone in large number.

As iOS 11.1.2 is officially out as stable version for iPhone 7 and all older devices, if you want to download iOS 11.1.2, you can easily head to download links which is given below.

There are lot more things which can be possible for the upcoming iOS 11.1.2. We heard that Apple is working on Lock Screen widgets which are specially designed for iPhone 7 and here too older devices are victim.

If you’ve older iPhone which is running on iOS 11.1.2 or any previous version and facing hanging or any other issue, you can comment below and I’d try to give you possible working solution.

Would you download iOS 11.1.2 if it fixes hanging issues?

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  1. Esther says:

    The hotesny of your posting is there for all to see

  2. Jess says:

    I downloaded IOS 10 on my iPhone 6 a few weeks ago, and since then, I have had probably connected to Verizon. It always says “searching” or “no service”, even when I am connected to wifi. Thinking that iOS 11.1.2 would fix this problem, I downloaded it, only to now have my screen unresponsive! I am so frustrated. My screen only works once in a while now. A few days ago, I was finally able to connect to Verizon, but the screen has just gotten worse. Does anyone know how to fix this issue besides getting a new phone?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a great news. I constantly facing battery drain issue followed by hanging. iPhone 5 sucks on iOS 11.1.2 which needs iOS 10.0.4 update with the fix for these issues.

  4. Ronald says:

    I also wanted to install iOS 10.0.4 IPSW file over iOS 11.1.2 update which causes hang up

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      iOS 10.0.4 won’t fix hanging issues because it’s due to highly advance and designed control center, notification center and control center. I hope you understand all of these issues.

      • Brian Chiem says:

        Please save my iPhone 5, it’s running on buggy firmware. I don’t want to stay on iOS 11.1.2, it hangs often. Please give me the download link which can download iOS 10.0.4 and I’d be happy to upgrade.
        As you believe the hanging issues would be solved, it’d be really helpful. I don’t want anything else.

      • Joseph Silva says:

        Can I restore iOS 9.3.3 style control center? Because iOS 10.0.4 control center is the main reason for hanging. I found the round edges creating main issue for hanging. It looks great but at the same time it’s not good for battery life. For iPhone 5, its hard to load in a quick shot. Most of the time on iOS 11.1.2, I have to swipe up couple of times before actually cc appears.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How to download iOS 10.0.4?

  6. Jason Zakrajsek says:

    iOS 11.1.2 battery life is really suck. It’s not running complete for one day. I request to apple that please fix the battery draining issues which are related to cellular connectivity.

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      You can disable location services, WiFi when you’re not using it on iOS 11.1.2. This would save battery life. One more thing, iOS 10.0.4 won’t give you long battery life until your usage is not optimized.

  7. Joseph Silva says:

    I misstakenly downloaded iOS 11.1.2, it seems like I made hurry because I don’t see iOS 10.0.4 IPSW anywhere in my iPhone. Where to find this latest update?

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