Download Emus4u Installer 13.5 for iPhone, iPad Updated That Brings New Features

Emus4u iOS 13.5 is released for iPhone, iPad…

A brand new iOS update released by Apple last week and that was iOS 13.5 public version. That is stable, so many app and game developers are now updating their apps to iOS 13.5.

As usual Emus4u app has also got it’s new interface, features and performance enhancements for the new firmware. Now, it can be installed on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and all other older models including iPod Touch and iPad models.

Today, I’m gonna mention all essential steps to download Emus4u directly on your iPhone running the latest firmware. Note that you don’t require to jailbreak iOS 13.5 in order to download and install Emus4u IPA on your device.

Last week, we’ve updated couple of other apps too similar to this game emulator and you should take a look on that too because it has wide range of games that Emus don’t support. AppValley was one of them to install. The second app was Tutu App. Even if you’ve Android device, you should take a look at TutuApp APK that is awesome.

So before heading to installation part, lets see what you’d get after installing this game emulator on your iPhone. This is also known as iEmulator and it would offers you wide range of games and apps that you can install without jailbreak and even without computer at all. Finally, everything is free on it.

How to Install Emus4u iOS iPA without Jailbreak

So lets move to the installation part where we’d see how you can install Emus4u without jailbreak…

  1. If you’d try Safari, then it would be best, you don’t need any computer, you can enable WiFi access and then open Safari. Type
  2. Let the page load completely and once page loading completed with full contents, you’d see “Install onto your iDevice“. You must tap on this link if you’ve iPhone, iPod or iPad device.
  3. System would ask you permission in order to download and install Emus4u app Installer. You need to Confirm the installation in order to proceed.
  4. The system would install Emus4u profile that is filled with configuration of the emulator. Enter pass code or Touch ID when required during installation. And, system would add a configuration profile on your device to run Emus emulator on your iPhone.
  5. You need to tap again on Install on the next screen. Complete Emus4u app profile installation by following some other on screen steps.


Congratulations, a brand new Emus4u iOS emulator installed on your Apple device without having Cydia iOS app or even without jailbreak or computer.

You may require help installing or configuring the emulator, you can ask any query via Comments below.


  1. I had Emus4U and it wasn’t working so I. Uninstalled it and now I try to install it agian following the directions and it does not work please help

  2. Hello, I’ve been using emus for a while now. I recently updated to iOS 13.5 and now emus is not working and is just stuck at a blank white screen. Please help. I’ve tried everything

  3. Emus4u is something that I was searching since a month or two. Actually, nowadays, tutuapp, vshare and specially emu4ios are not working. I tried all of these apps one by one but they’re not working. Now finally I tried Emus 4u iPhone app. Its not only work on iPhone 8 for iOS 13.5, but also gives the option to have other apps too.

  4. iOS 13.5 is gonna be out soon, I heard Apple is adding more powerful guideline for installing third party apps. Then TutuApp, vShare, Emus4U and all other apps would be hard to install. In part of that, Apple removed profile system from iOS 13.5.

  5. I instantly installed Emus4u app iOS 13.5 version and that is so easy. You don’t need to bother about developer profile and its working without any issue. It won’t ask you to install, and if you want to install any ROM using it, it won’t give your any installation error.

  6. Emus4u not working on my iOS 10.3.3, should I upgrade to the latest firmware? Please reply and help me asap

  7. How to download Emus4u iOS 13.5? I don’t have WiFi or internet access on my iPad and I can use Computer only to install from pen drive. Please help me.

  8. Hey, I’ve installed this iEmulators on my iPhone SE and it works like a charm. I’ve download it on iOS 13.5. Do you know one that, it doesn’t require you to configure developer profile and that is awesome. Because trusting those profile require lots of trick.

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