Download Cydia: iOS 11.0.2, Top Tweaks, Install Alternatives

How to Install Cydia on iPhone?

A lot of things happened this week. IOS 11.1 public beta was released, iOS 11.0.2 stable version was released, Saurik was on news because of he updated Cydia for iOS 11, many new tweaks have been released for jailbreak.

iOS 11

So today, we’d discus all of those things in details. There are some very important and exciting details came publicly during Apple event this month. IPhone X has been announced running with unique iOS that looks completely different from iOS 11.

Initial version that was released with iPhone 8 is not able to bring iPhone X like multitasking. You may have noticed that iPhone X can access Control Center, Notification Center from top right and left side whereas we can’t see any such features from iOS 11, the firmware that is installed currently on our iPhone 8 or iPhone 7.

So basically, Apple is testing or developing such features for iOS that may come with iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2.

Cydia iOS 11

Saurik updates Cydia for iOS 11, but there isn’t jailbreak available that utilize that installer in the package or untethered tool. So basically, there isn’t Cydia iOS 11 available currently.

Now there are two ways to do in the current situation. You can opt Cydia alternatives or downgrade iOS to the lower version that can be jailbroken using PanGu or Yalu tools. Since, downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10 is not possible, you must stay to iOS 11 and wait for jailbreak release.

Until the release, you can install alternative apps that would allow you installing some key jailbreak apps.

vShare iOS 11: This app has millions of download and one of the best in class alternative to Cydia. Meanwhile until jailbreak and Cydia not available, vShare can be a great option to install.

HipStore iOS 11: HipStore is old but still working app for iPhone. It offers many good applications. But, we’re still testing the compatibility for iOS 11.

Mojo Installer iOS 11: Mojo Installer is brand new approach to become Cydia alternative. The app has gain a good attraction from the users who can’t install Cydia tweaks.

Kuaiyong iOS 11: The major fault of this app is, its in Chinese language and translated app can be installed only after jailbreak iOS 11.

TutuApp iOS 11: You can surely land to Tutu App iOS 11 update. Its purely developed for the device that can’t be Jailbreak. It brings many good Cydia apps.

AppValley iOS 11: App Valley was released recently with bunch of game emulators, apps and ++ tweaked apps.

25PP iOS 11: PP25 has great record of releasing jailbreak in the past, one should stick to the app to get more exciting apps without jailbreak iOS 11.

Top Cydia Tweaks to install

There are couple of Cydia apps that can be installed if you get iOS 11 jailbreak. Below is the set of those tweaks…

  1. Springtomize iOS 11: An ultimate tweak to get bunch of features at once.
  2. AppSync iOS 11: A must have tweak to customize or install new unsigned apps.
  3. Winterboard Themes iOS 11: A must have theme installer for jailbreak device.
  4. MyWi iOS 11: A must have WiFi tweak for Cydia enabled device.
  5. HideMe iOS 11: Can hide bunch of things on iPhone.
  6. Eclipse iOS 11: A must have night theme for iPhone.

New Cydia Tweaks

Here we’d update top Cydia apps that have been released recently…

  1. Phantom for SnapChat: It prevents SnapChat to detect any tweak installed for that. Phantom is essential for SnapChat if you’re using any tweak.
  2. CertRemainTime: This tweak would remind you about expiring certificate. You’d be asked to resign your jailbreak on time.
  3. Chrome Downloader+: If you use Google Chrome as default browser, you should download and install this tweak to download any video, files from Chrome browser. It acts like download manager.

iOS Update

Here we’d update you with the latest beta or stable releases…

iOS 11.0.1: Apple strongly put iOS 11.0.1 replacing initial version because of bugs. Now, you’d notice better battery life, features and performance enhancement. Apple advised users to install iOS 11.0.1 as soon as possible.

iOS 11.0.2: iOS 11.0.1 is so buggy. The users are creating a strong voice against Apple to release iOS 11.0.2 update as soon as possible. This if first time when Apple is getting negative feedback for it’s product.

iOS 11.0.3: Apple finally getting it’s foot into the software enhancement. IOS 11.0.3 is getting prepared for release with new features. Those features that couldn’t get success in included into previous firmware.

iOS 11.1 beta 1: The brand new software update hit developer’s device. It is being said that this update would bring new features dedicated to iPhone X.

iOS 11.1 Beta 2: The recent beta shows the possibility for Cydia iOS 11.1 jailbreak.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments below…

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